Welcome to the inside of my head.

1. Accents

Okay. I’m going to try and post things without deleting them straight after. If this means looking back at posts and cringing, then so be it.

Today I had some family from Scotland come to visit. They’re a lovely bunch but more than anything, I just love their accents. I couldn’t care less what they were talking about as long as they were talking. My voice just sounds so dull and mundane in comparison.

I think I like most accents actually (except for the Liverpudlian one- I find that grating- oh gawd listening to Carragher’s interviews on MOTD). However some accents are better suited for certain things…

Poshness- English…one is most amused
Romance and Poetry- Cliched but French…j’adoree
Shouting- Borderline racist but German/Russian
Telling jokes- Punjabi all the way…KIDHAAA OH TWADEEE
Icebreaker- Indians speaking English
Passionate (both good and bad)- Colloquial Arabic

Here’s a guy who really has accents down:

Accents starts at 58 secs. Warning: Swearing

Loving the Nigerian and Chinese one lol

Over and Out.


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