Welcome to the inside of my head.

2. Neopets

My dad used to be a computer engineer. He used to travel from library to library fixing their computer systems. At one particular library, he noticed two boys playing some sort of game on the internet. He found out it was called Neopets and told me about it and that is the beginning of this story.

I was 11 years old and Neopets just blew me away. There was so much to do and I wanted to do everything! For those of you who don’t know (oh who am I kidding?! Who the hell is reading this lol? I digress), Neopets is a virtual world where you can create your own pets who in turn can have Petpets (genius isn’t it?). You can play games or participate in things to earn neopoints which you can use to buy items, food, battle weapons, all sorts. You can own a shop, trade items with other players, create a gallery, create a Neohome, paint your pets (this is particularly popular), complete Faerie (yes Faerie and not Fairy) quests, I really could go on.

When I started playing, I had all sorts of ambitions but I was essentially broke. I dreamt of one day having one million neopoints. I was so happy when I made my first 100k. I’ve forgotten how long it took but my god, it took an embarrassingly long time. I could make 100k now quite easily in 3 days- such is my wisdom! At the moment, I rest comfortably on 7 figures and my new aspiration is 100 mill but that might take a while…

My account is nearly 10 years old now. My parents thought I would be past this long ago but I’ve stuck with it. I have changed my habits however. I no longer play the games. I find them repetitive and quite boring though I do indulge in a bit of Meerca Chase or Bouncy Supreme every now and again *looks shifty*. Most of my money comes from KeyQuest and the stock market. If only the real life stock market worked the same way! I buy 1000 shares every day at 15NP and sell at 30NP essentially doubling my money. This can take anywhere between 1 month to a year, if not longer. With a little patience however, it’s a real money maker. I’m thinking about raising my selling point to 45NP and being greedy. Mooha!

It sounds ridiculous but I think I’ve learnt a lot from Neopets.  My love for Adobe Photoshop was born from my love of Neopets. I’ve realised I’m quite frugal and fit the Asian saver stereotype. I’ve learnt to be detached when it comes to stocks and accept I will never sell at the maximum point.  I also seem to have an eye for interior design (lol tooting my own trumpet here).

I will probably still be playing Neopets in 50 years time, by which time I hope to have:

  • A Gallery full to the brim of beautiful items
  • 100 mill in the bank
  • Access to the lab ray
  • Have one of my pets win the ‘Beauty Contest’
  • Every pet’s stats to be at least 100 in every area

That should keep me busy!

My entry for Lily in the Beauty Contest

Over and Out.


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