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8. Drarry

I finished reading a fic (short for fiction story) last night and I thought I’d share my love of Harry Potter fandom.

After the last Harry Potter book came out, I felt like there was a void in my life. Sounds ridiculous but I was such a huge fan and everything just felt… over. Thankfully I wasn’t the only one. I stumbled across the fanfiction section of Mugglenet and discovered websites such as FictionAlley where people had posted stories revolving around the characters in Harry Potter.  There were stories that filled in the gap post Voldemort’s defeat, stories that ignored the whole Horcrux hunt, some which focused on  the Marauders… Anything you can possibly think of has probably been done. Think of the strangest character pairing possible. I bet someone’s already written a fic about it.  I was hooked.

I’m slightly ashamed to admit the first fics I read were Harry/Hermione. I believe Hermione and Ron are meant to be but Harry and Ginny just felt too ‘convenient’ so maybe I was just trying to find a partner for Harry. Eventually I got bored and moved onto Hermione/Draco which is a fascinating relationship. It’s a classic goody two shoes meets bad boy. My biggest realisation however was how wonderful and versatile Draco’s character was. I later moved onto Draco/Ginny before settling on… Draco/ Harry. I haven’t looked back since.

When I first bring up the idea of Draco/Harry (ie. Drarry), most people just look a bit disgusted. The more you read however, the more it makes sense. They are really not that different. Both of them are weighed down by heavy expectations and they are both headstrong leaders of their respective Houses. More importantly however, they get under each other’s skin. Nobody riles up Harry like Draco, not even Voldemort. When Voldemort attacks Harry, Harry tries to take the moral high ground and always acts in defense. When Draco’s around, Harry fights. There is such a fine line between love and hate that in my eyes, Harry and Draco are completely viable.

I have read so many Drarry fics that I almost have my own version of Draco. In my head, he is wonderfully witty and sarcastic, powerful, influential, fiercely loyal to his family and addicted to coffee.  Even the Draco in the books is fantastically complicated once you look past the sneering and body guards. Jason Isaacs (actor who plays Lucius Malfoy) said in an interview:

Because in many ways, to me, Draco is the hero of the whole saga. I think Harry has his destiny. There is only one choice Harry can make in every situation. Harry makes the right choice always, and he’s admirable for doing so. But Draco has a bunch of choices, and Draco has to break the bonds of the shackles of his past. He has to break the chain of this kind of abuse and hatred and selfishness and entitlement that his father has been part of, and probably his grandfather and stretching back for generations. And so I saw my job as trying to illustrate how you end up with a kid as messed up as Draco. In “Chamber of Secrets,” I just tried to bully him as much as I could, and be as unloving as I could. And in every opportunity, I wanted to be the kind of father that was so selfish and so egotistical and narcissistic that I would happily sacrifice my son and/or my relationship with him for status. So that was the main point, was to try and explain Draco and make his decision that much more heroic, to try and do the right thing.

Some of the fics out there are really good. They could give JKR a run for her money. Cassandra Claire’s Draco Trilogy is just superb and should be published in its own right. My favourite Drarry author however is Cinnamon. Her stories just stay with you forever. ‘Beautiful World’ and ‘Windfallen’ absolutely killed me- I was depressed for days. You only feel like that when the writing is so good, it feels real.

Then of course, there’s the fan art. Here are some of my favourites! (It’s an excuse to use WordPress’ gallery function too!)

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