Welcome to the inside of my head.

11. To the window…

After reading that title, surely you should be thinking TO THE WALL.

These are some of the exemplary lyrics from Lil Jon’s song ‘Get Low’ which is probably one of the nastiest songs I’ve heard. There’s no getting around it. The lyrics are pretty appalling even by my low standards. With that said, it is catchy as hell! Once you’ve it heard, you will always find yourself belting the chorus.



TO THE SWEAT DROP DOWN MY… the rest is not acceptable to type.

Even Sandra Bullock danced to this classic in ‘The Proposal’ and if she’s down with it, then so am I. Let me see you get low! You scared? You scared? Drop yo arse to the floor! You scared? You scared?

The main reason I’m talking about this song is because I came across a dude who decided to sing an acoustic version of this song in a coffee shop. It is so weird how much more ‘acceptable’ the song sounds in this format. The people’s faces when they realise just what song he is singing is CLASSIC.


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