Welcome to the inside of my head.

12. Wow. Just wow.

If you’ve been keeping track of this blog, you’ll know that I’ve been complaining about how to prepare for my assessment centre, what to wear, how to present myself there and after it was done I felt like it was a good experience but it didn’t go spectacularly well.

Clearly I don’t judge situations well because I GOT THE INTERNSHIP!

I am so RELIEVED. I am so HAPPY. And I am so EXCITED.

I genuinely didn’t think I was going to get it.  I’m not saying that to be modest. I really didn’t feel like I was particularly stronger than the other candidates. Somebody was definitely smiling down upon me on the day. Or according to my cousin, the fact that I waxed my moustache swung it. Or maybe it was because I wore my silky parrot green blouse. Chances are it’s because I’m so sexy. In all seriousness, I wish I knew what it was I did ‘right’ so I can carry on doing it or at least pretend to!

My mum has felt she has been lucky in life with things like interviews, driving tests and important exams and she has always attributed her success to her mother’s prayers. One generation on, I feel the same way. I’m sure it was my mum’s faith and prayers that helped me on the day. I hope I can do the same for my own kids.

I can’t get over the fact that somebody is going to pay me properly for doing something. Me! Silly, weird me. I feel like I’ve got my foot in the door, that I’m on the right track and I’m going to achieve something. I’m probably sounding delirious right now. The funny thing is my parents have already called dibs on what they want from my first pay cheque. My Ma wants a ‘mala’- essentially a gold necklace and my Pa says he wants new jumpers but chances are he’ll return them because he’s asian.

What is even funnier however was my parents responses when I shared this news with them. I initially told them I had been rejected and was giving them areas which I was told to improve on. It was soo hard not to smile! After I finished explaining, my mum just said ‘you got it didn’t you?’ and I couldn’t help but beam. No Oscars for that performance! They then proceeded to hug the life out of me and I think my mum actually squealed.

All in all, a wonderful wonderful day AND  I’ve completed one of my New Year’s resolutions too!

The only downside is that one of my closest friends also applied for the same thing and I’m not sure if she got it. Ideally I wanted us both to get it because life has always seemed to keep us two together. I have my fingers crossed for her but if she doesn’t get it, I pray that a better opportunity comes her way.

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