Welcome to the inside of my head.

16. -_- Motherrr

I don’t know if this is an asian trait but my mum jumps to conclusions faster than I can run to the fridge. I said literally 5 sentences about a guy from university and I might have complimented him like once and she comes out with:

Do you like him?


Does he like you?

*jaw drop*

What’s his name? Does he have facebook? Show me his picture. Oh he’s cute. Where does he live? Is he clever? What were his GCSE’s?


Invite him to your birthday party!



-_- GCSEs? Seriously? What is this… some sort ‘filtering’? I hardly know the guy! How am I supposed to know such details?! Jeez.

My mother also thinks I am some sort of human incarnation of Aphrodite and that I can seduce any guy I want. I don’t it’s possible to be much further from the truth -_-

Less like this…


...and more like this

…and more like this…please guys…control yourselves.

Another concern is that my mum is annoyingly right about me and tends to figure out this sort of stuff before I actually do. But NO. She is not right this time!

More worryingly, is she going to assault the dude I actually like in a similar fashion? He’s gonna go running for the door.


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