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18. Codenames

First off, I had my Managerial Exam yesterday. I have no idea if my answers were complete and utter rubbish but who cares? It’s over! Yeh boi.

I was chatting to one of my closest friends last night and I noticed just how much we used codenames in our conversations, often without realising.  This is a pretty common female trait because we find ourselves in so many situations where we can’t talk freely… during lessons at school, on the phone, when parents are around, when people are reading your IM’s etc.

Every group of girls has some codename for ‘I’M ON MY PERIOD’. In secondary school we used to call it the ‘curse’.
Example: Ahh man I’ve got a ‘stomach ache’. I hate being ‘cursed’. *grumble* *grumble*

Every single crush gets their own codename so that we may swoon about them all day. Old codenames include rock, stick, stone, lime and Zac (inspired by Zac Efron). In case you’re wondering, these are not all the guys I’ve crushed on- they include my friend’s ones also.  We used these names so much that if one of us actually went out with the person in question, we still used the codename when it was perfectly acceptable to use their actual names.
Example: Oh my god two o’clock! Two o’clock! Rock and stick are walking this way. Look cool! Look cool! *puffs hair*

There were codenames for naughty business. Where this came from I don’t know, but we used grapes=sex.
Example: Oh man. She’s always having grapes. She must have a ‘sweet tooth’.

We used the analogy of laughing for kissing. So giggling would be a quick kiss or a peck on the cheek. Laughing would be a kiss and being in hysterics would indicate a full blown make out session.
Example: I haven’t laughed so much in my life!

On the phone, all guys are called ‘she’ or ‘her which occasionally leads to confusion.

Example: Yeah for some reason, she went and hid in the guy’s toilets. Wait what?

In general however I find this method particularly effective as it minimises questions from curious parents.

In other news, Perv Post 1 will be coming soon!

Over and Out.


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