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19. The Mandatory Snow Post

ER MAH GAWD it’s snowingggg. Yes ladies and gentleman, it is that lovely time of the year again when white clumps of freezing water fall from the sky and accumulate on the ground so that I may lie down and make snow angels! There is absolutely something about snow that just turns everyone into 5 year old children. I just can’t help it. I’ve have GOT to taint fresh snow with my footprints. My hand just ITCHES to collect some snow and chuck it some poor unsuspecting person. I just HAVE to go outside and risk hypothermia to make a snowman.

Today was no exception. I had my M3T thing again today so I had to go visit a school. When I left the house, it wasn’t snowing and like an absolute idiot, I decided to wear my flats. Yeah I had to waddle the entire way home because my shoes had zero grip and my feet essentially felt like blocks of ice. Aliya 0. Nature 1.

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

Aliya the red-nosed human had a very shiny noseee

Aliya the red-nosed human had a very shiny noseee

  God in the above picture, it actually looks like my hat is made of ice!



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