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20. Perv Post 1

 Introducing  Damon Salvatore aka. Ian Somerhalder aka. Sex on legs from the Vampire Diaries.

*picks up pants* This fine specimen of man is the main reason I watch the Vampire Dairies. He has a face like sunshine and a body that was sculpted by gods themselves. To be honest that alone would usually be enough to earn my drool but he has added bonus of intrigue, loyalty and wit.

Damon is a complete badass. He is not afraid to make difficult decisions and sometimes that does make him the ‘bad guy’ but let’s be honest, bad guys turned good are massively attractive. And Damon certainly can be good. He gladly puts himself on the line for the people he loves and he just has a wonderful way with words whether it’s a sarcastic comeback or a declaration of love. I was reduced to a puddle when he told Elena: ‘I will always choose you’. He also loves his brother even when he doesn’t like him. When it comes down to it, he has always tried to do right by Stefan even if it means letting him go. And yet it seems that it’s always Stefan that everyone wants. What madness is this? Damon is nothing less than a first choice! You’re my first choice Damon!

I felt this was symbolic as his face is half shrouded in light and half in darkness. Oh and his skin looks like porcelain too.

I felt this was symbolic as his face is half shrouded in light and half in darkness. Oh and his skin looks like porcelain too.

Last but not least, Damon has a trademark smirk. It’s so arrogant and cheeky and… completely alluring.


Okay so I know that Damon isn’t ‘real’ but Ian Somerhalder is! What’s more, he is currently dating his co-star Nina Dobrev who is 10 years his junior and only 3 years older than me! Theoretically, it could have been me. I could have been cast as Elena Gilbert and starred in a hit TV show and dated him too. I mean that’s totally viable right? Right?


I have to credit the gifs to this gem of a site:


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