Welcome to the inside of my head.

22. Birthday meh

So it’s going to be my birthday on Saturday and I’m going to turn 21. This is a milestone and legally speaking, I think it means I can do anything I want. Awww yeh- time to go America and chug down some vodka shots.

I’m usually quite boppy and excited about birthday but this one… I don’t know. I had such big hopes and plans and because I can’t make everything happen, I almost feel like I don’t want any of it to happen. It’s a very stubborn attitude to take. Perhaps it’s the Winter Blues. This is not to say I am unhappy or antisocial- I’m just feeling apathetic about it.

I’m not doing absolutely nothing however. Next Wednesday, I am finally going to see Lion King the musical with my friends which I am massively looking forward to. I am going to sing annoyingly loud to all the songs. I will make sure to fit in some time to practice my opening to the Circle of Life. Naaaa sebeniyaaa babadeechibaba! (You know I think that would make an awesome alarm sound. ©)

Yeah this totally happened when I was born too.

As for what I’m going to do on the actual day, I’m not entirely sure. I might just chill with the parents and maybe we’ll go out for dinner. Such a rave I know. I need to calm my wild ways.


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