Welcome to the inside of my head.

23. Giraffe Onesie

I am perpetually feeling cold. If only I had something soft and snuggly that would keep me warm… oh wait I do!

My beautiful friends bought me a giraffe onesie for my birthday because they are awesome. It is bright yellow and orange, has a hood to cover my butterz face and tail that I like to swish around seductively (well as seductively as possible given that I’m dressed as a giraffe).  Of course I look like a complete eejit in it… which is why I wore it to a lecture. Everyone seemed to take it in their stride. Clearly they are used to seeing people dressed as animals at my university.

I knew something was going on today because everyone was acting so suspiciously. They were running out of lectures without me. There were whispers, people disappearing and I saw a hint of a random Waitrose bag (which had my cake in it!). Yet I somehow completely missed the huge red box that had my present in it. Yay for poor observational skills.

My cake was seriously yummy. My favourite bit of the cake was the bit with chocolate in it (it was a chocolate cake). Unfortunately today was the one day I decided to have a very full lunch. I gobbled down a beast of a jacket potato and later on our department hosted a free doughtnut mingle so I munched that down too. By the time it came to cake, I looked five months pregnant and felt like this:

There are some fantastic pictures of my onesie which I will put up later. Until then…

Over and Out.


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