Welcome to the inside of my head.

It”s the 26th of January. It’s my birthday. I’m 21. Awwww yeh. How do I feel? Exactly the same. I’ve hit my twenties. It’s all downhill form here lol but I still feel like I’m 17 which is the important thing.

This is what I’ll spend most of my day doing:

Just kidding! My home phone has been blowing up. Relatives I didn’t even know I had have been calling up to wish me a Happy Birthday and I am honestly so touched and also feeling a little guilty because I probably don’t remember theirs. Definitely need to add a few reminders to my calender. Meanwhile Facebook has been reminding everyone else!

I had a really lovely morning. When I made my way downstairs (after deciding not to look like a hobo for once), I was greeted with a chorus of Happy Birthday and I saw that my parents had decorated the living room. I felt like I had just walked into a Bollywood movie.  Balle Balle!


Yay Tinsel!

Also after playing Neopets for almost 10 years, I’ve only now noticed that it changes theme on your birthday. Yayy for poor observational skills!



I think it’s important to reflect on one’s birthday. So now that I’m 21, I will try and be stronger…

strong aliya



…and more mature…

…HAH! Like that’s gonna happen!

Over and Out!


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