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26. Hakuna Matata

So I just got back from watching The Lion King in the theatre… and I can safely say it’s the best musical I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen a few!).

It was so creative and full of energy. The animals were portrayed in a  really interesting way with good use of headdresses, stilts and puppets. You knew exactly which animals were which but there was room to exercise your imagination. They did the iconic scenes justice with a particular highlight being Mufasa’s death (god Scar is such a bastard).

The stage! (Apologies for the poor picture quality)

How can I not mention the singing?! The older cast were simply amazing- all of them had such strong voices! It was also refreshing knowing the songs beforehand because it meant you could sing along (in your head anyway!) and you knew exactly what they were saying. I often find at musicals that I miss half the words but maybe that’s because I’m deaf. They performed all the original songs quite closely to the film version. ‘The Circle of Life’ was notably done well but ‘I Just Can’t Wait To Be King’ which is probably my favourite song in the movie wasn’t done quite as well as I was hoping but that’s just me being fussy. Might be a little unrealistic to expect Simba and Nala to be sitting on ostriches at the top of a huge tower of animals…

In my opinion, the lady who played Rafiki (the baboon) completely stole the show! Her voice was spectacular and she managed to incorporate this weird (but cool) clicking when she sang which made it extra special. Her booty shaking was also impressive (clearly been getting pointers from me). My favourite song of the show was ‘He lives in you’ because it actually gave me chills. There’s a video of that scene below :

Last but not least, I love how the film and the play start and end in the same way- the birth of a new cub. Circle of Life right there!

Look how ickle and cute Simba is!

Over and Out!




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