Welcome to the inside of my head.

30. Arghhh a giraffe!

Okay I know this post was supposed to be the happy, loved up version of the last post but I’m still trying to decide over songs and I figured it would be more appropriate closer to the 14th.

Anywayyy, me and a friend absolutely legged it to the station today (to catch up with somebody who walks faster than we run) essentially filling our monthly exercise quota. We were so out of breath, it was actually embarrassing.  We couldn’t talk. We couldn’t explain why we couldn’t talk (because we couldn’t talk) and if it was socially acceptable to go into the recovery position, I would have considered it. We spent the next hour coughing to pay back our oxygen debt (aww yeh anaerobic respiration A Level Biology) and I think this was responsible for making us light headed. I say this because I felt like giggling constantly and I ending up having a little jam session on the station platform to some appalling underground station music.

When I got home today and opened my bedroom door, I was greeted by this and pretty much had a heart attack:


This seriously scared the shizzle out of me. I have my dad to thank for this…

In other news, our Sky box is finally repaired. I am so pleased! With the YouView box we had, I was coming home, flicking through the channels and there was literally nothing I wanted to watch on tv. Now I am free to watch really terrible teen shows again and reruns of Come Dine With Me! Yay!

Last but not least, I should be going to see Les Miserables tomorrow! Super excited- I hope it’s as good as the theatre production…

Over and Out.


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