Welcome to the inside of my head.

32. Happy Anniversary!

I would like to share a momentous occasion with you guys. Brace yourselves… as of today, I have officially been playing Neopets for 10 years.


I have wise Coltzan in my user lookup shield now

Laugh all you want. So what if I’ve been playing this game for nearly half my life. Who cares if it’s childish and silly and ‘not even real’? How many of you can say you’ve stuck with something for 10 years?! Yo I’m more loyal than a friggin Hufflepuff.  Don’t even test.

I do however acknowledge that many kids on Neopets weren’t even born when I started playing which is a terrifying thought. Oh well, they’re far easier to beat on KeyQuest. More prizes for me!

In other news, I was mentoring today (going into university on a Saturday is LONG TING) and the kids I was working with today couldn’t be more different than the ones I was complaining about yesterday. This lot are gifted and talented and they are just so sharp. It is much more rewarding working with children who give a damn and you actually feel like you’re making a difference. We were teaching Year 8’s about the idea of a proof and proving general statements eg. two odd numbers multiply to give you an odd number and it actually blew their mind which was entertaining to witness! It made me realise too how much knowledge I take for granted. If someone asked me what the general form of an odd number was, I would say ‘2n+1’ in the same breath but it’s not ‘obvious’ if you haven’t seen it before. On the way home, I was running (as usual) to catch the train from Paddington and my shoes were a bit loose. Yeh I fell up the stairs, dropped my phone, lost my shoe, flung my bag and nearly split my head open. I have so much grace.

Lol bye Simba

Over and Out!




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