Welcome to the inside of my head.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before but my mum is a tutor. That means there are kids of all ages around my house most of the time. A lot of these kids enjoy using our bathroom. Maybe they’re trying to get out of work. Maybe it’s because it’s spick and span. Maybe it’s because we have an awesome bubbly tap thing (the water comes out in teeny tiny bubbles- AHMAZING I know). Or maybe it’s because they need to pee.

This would all be okay except for the fact that we have only one bathroom. This is not unreasonable as there are technically only 3 people living in my house. However with all the tuition kiddywinkles, ALL SORTS of things have occurred. And the reason I decided to talk about this today is because I had an incident this very morning…

So there I was doing my thang in the bathroom (by thang I mean brushing my teeth) and seeing as this is my bathroom in my house, I was wearing my giraffe onesie because that’s just how I roll. I unlocked the door to go to my room except I failed to notice the tween boy waiting behind the door. I went ARGH because he scared the hell out of me and he went ARGH because he saw a giraffe. Super embarrassing.

This is one of numerous other embarrassing incidents.

Many little kids forget to/don’t like locking the door when they’re doing their business. How many times have I opened the door, gone WOAH and been like kay I’ll come back later. I have sharp ears so as revenge I sometimes like to scare them and shout WASH YOUR HANDS from my room when I don’t hear the tap run. Dirty children!

My ultimate embarrassment was when I was right in the middle of having a bath- you know shampoo in hair and soap everywhere and my mum knocks and says there’s a boy outside and he’s desperate. Actual nightmare. I had to stand there (behind a shower curtain don’t worry) and let him in to do his business. It was actually one of the most awkward moments of my life. Nobody spoke. Pin drop silence. Just cringe.

This probably counts as ‘too much information’. Meh don’t care. It’s funny in hindsight. Over and Out!

P.S I applied for ‘Maths/ Econ/ Finance Undergraduate of the Year’ quite a while back and I finally heard back from them yesterday. Turns out I made the final 40 from over 550 entries. I gotto say, I’m quite pleased with that. My aim is to make it to the final 10 so that I can go to the awards ceremony and meet the host Trevor McDonald. Yeh boi!


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