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36. East Meets West

…or as I keep saying Eats Meets West (try saying it- sly little tongue twister!)

My university’s Indian Society hosts a night of dancing, singing and entertainment every year called East Meets West. I’ve gone every since coming to university so it’s almost become tradition. This year’s one was held yesterday so naturally I went. I dragged along my friend…let us call her Shakira (hehe)… and her sister and our seats got upgraded. I think they’re lucky talismans or similar because every time I visit the theatre with them, we get bumped up!

It was a really good show!

First off the comedian was actually funny this time.  He pretty much dissed this guy called Hugh sitting at the front for the whole night. To be fair, he had it coming. He’s called Hugh for god’s sake. The comedian looked a little bit like Lemar in the sense that he had braided hair so towards the end of the night, during a moment of silence one randomer at the back just started singing ‘If there’s any justice in the world…’ which cracked me up. It was also really amusing hearing a Nigerian man swear in Punjabi (he lived in Southall for most of his life- standard)!

The acts were pretty damn good too. As usual the dancing was far better than the singing. There was a pretty cringey version of Justin Timberlake’s ‘Cry me a river’ and some traditional Indian singing which is essentially vocal acrobatics using the ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ sounds. I really enjoyed the Wushu act. There was one girl in it who was pint sized (lol I can talk) but she genuinely looked like she could kick my butt. There was confetti on the floor and she did a leg movement that was so fast, the confetti started blowing. It was like a real-time Matrix moment! The Micheal Jackson impersonator was also really good. His moves were so on point and he perfected the groin thrust. However my favourite act had to be Imperial’s Bhangra squad. They just destroyed the competition. They had energy. Their formations were tight and everyone was dancing with huge infectious grins. Also their thighs must be made of steel!

(The video below is an extended version of the one they performed at East Meets West. Awesome part at 5:50)

There was a fashion show thrown in too. At one point, 5 guys just decided to take their shirts off and flex. Not sure how this constitutes fashion but hey where there are 6 pacs, there are no complaints.

Lastly, the event was sponsored by Ernst & Young so we had to sit through a cheesy presentation about why they’re so awesome and put their employees first and how that makes them different. But doesn’t every company say that? Surely that makes them all the same? After the presentation, this guy came on stage to talk and I don’t think I’ve heard a worse advertisement for a company. He genuinely said ‘Ernst & Young isn’t perfect but it’s not a bad place to work’. Like are you shitting me? What if I was asked at an interview what I thought of the company and I said ‘yo you guys are not bad’? Bye bye job prospects.

Till next time! Over and out!


Comments on: "36. East Meets West" (6)

  1. Yep, this is the infamous first post of yours that I read. Let’s go to the next bhangra show!

    • Lol at calling it infamous 😛
      We should deffo go to the next East Meets West- I’ve been going every year since first year. It has become tradition for me 🙂

      • wait, so is the next one next february? Dude, I don’t know where I’ll be or what I’ll be doing after I finish this masters in September :/

      • Yeah it’s usually around Jan/Feb time… hmm well if you’re around, then you should deffo go and if you’re not, I’m sure you’ll have something even more exciting to attend 😛

        No inklings at all about what you’re going to do after you graduate?

      • I really don’t know kiddo. Right now, a one way ticket to Hawaii sounds awesome.

      • Guahaha a one way ticket to Hawaii sounds pretty darn good…sand, warmth, beaches, hula-hula-ing…ultimate relaxation.

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