Welcome to the inside of my head.

54. Things that annoy me

  1. When one shoe lace is tied tighter than the other.
  2. When the L and R on headphones are not adhered to.
  3. Being touched with moist/sweaty/ hot/wet hands. Actually, just don’t touch me.
  4. When subtitles are behind the actual speech or worse, subtitles are unavailable.
  5. When I’m in a public bathroom and I’m not alone and it’s pin drop silence so I can’t pee peacefully because I’m conscious of how much noise I’m making.
  6. When the home phone, my mobile AND the doorbell all ring at once. Seriously- this happens.
  7. When I need my glasses to you know, find my glasses.
  8. When I accidentally bite my tongue or the inside of my mouth while I’m eating. Such pain.
  9. When people don’t close the door behind them when leaving my room.
  10. TV epidoes that end with a cliffhanger and then announce there’s a season break and it won’t be back for like 3 months.
  11. Eating oranges, mangoes and other such fruit that get all sorts of stuff stuck between your teeth.
  12. Looking in the mirror before going out and thinking I look (extra) sexy only to realise I look like a pregnant elephant in all the photos.
  13. When I really like a song but don’t know who sang it or what it was called, nor did I catch enough lyrics to run a search in Google.
  14. People who don’t write their working out clearly when doing maths questions and those who don’t use the equals sign symbol correctly.
  15. When delivery costs are higher than the price of the item I ordered.
  16. The excessive and completely redundant use of hashtags on Facebook. If I see one more #YOLO or #SWAG, somebody gonna get hurt real bad.
  17. When TFL (Transport for London) tells me a tube line has severe delays so I change my journey only to find out the line was running fine. GET YO SHIT TOGETHER TFL.

Comments on: "54. Things that annoy me" (9)

  1. 7, 8, 13, and 16 were too good! I mean even I don’t like them πŸ˜‰

  2. dollyandronny said:

    This is brilliant! I can relate to everyone of them! Brilliant post πŸ™‚ new follower!!

  3. Number 5, hattttee when that happens to me. The worst. And I know it is so ridiculous but I still can’t help being super conscious of it either.

    Number 12 happens to me too. I’m looking at the photos after thinking, I don’t understand….I looked so awesome at home, what happened after I stepped out the door…

    Number 16. I want to just reach through my screen and smack people. Also, love the Russell Peters reference.

    • I’m really glad someone got the Russell Peters reference- he’s one of my favourite comedians πŸ™‚

      It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who find this stuff annoying!

  4. All of the above! Are you sure you didn’t read my mind before you wrote this? Hahahaha!!

  5. Food 4 The Soul 93 said:

    Reblogged this on Food 4 The Soul 93 and commented:
    Some really great stuff here! Enjoy reading this…

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