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I’m sure you guys have heard of the ‘Awkward Turtle’. For those of you living under a rock, the Awkward Turtle is a gesture made during an awkward situation (usually after an extended period of silence) that may either diffuse the tension or make the situation a hundred times more awkward. You can make the gesture by placing one hand on top of the other, keeping your fingers together and rotating your thumbs in a circular motion.

Photo Credit: thatplaceinmyhead.wordpress.com

This is a pretty versatile gesture; it can be used in many situations such as:

Person 1: I’m in love with you.

Person 2: Ummm…That’s nice.

Person 1: …

Person 2: *fidget*…

Person 1: *awkward turtle*

What I wasn’t aware of until recently, was how many alternatives to Awkward Turtle there were. I thought I’d share a few.

Awkward (Turtle) Babies

When one Awkward Turtle isn’t enough, it’s time to bust out the Awkward babies. It’s a bit difficult to explain how to do this in words. Just watch the video below, it’s like 5 seconds long.

Awkward Aquarium

This is when two people in a group are having an awkward moment. Everyone else can help by pretending to be underwater creatures and swimming around the two awkward people. Because that will make the situation better, right?
Alternatively it’s used when a situation is so intensely awkward, you feel the need for an aquarium of awkward turtles.

I couldn’t find a picture of this so here’s a picture of an aquarium.

Awkward Palm Tree

Self explanatory really. You put your arms up, cross them over and point your hands out imitating a palm tree. You may accompany this with small bird sounds for added effect.

Photo Credit: thekeyboardhero.wordpress.com

Awkward Balloon

This is normally used if you aren’t being included in a conversation, if you’re being ignored or if you’re trying to say something but you repeatedly get interrupted (I hate that!). Basically you just stand there as if you’re holding an invisible balloon. In silence.

Awkward Pancake

This one isn’t very common but the idea is you hold out an invisible pan in which you are making pancakes. Mime flipping the pancake and watch it fly up. Continue to look up until the awkwardness has diffused and then theatrically catch the pancake.

Hope you ‘learnt’ (?) something new! Over and Out!


Comments on: "56. Well this is awkward…" (2)

  1. My preference is the awkward tea pot.

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