Welcome to the inside of my head.

Right now I’m studying Galois Theory (don’t know what that is? COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS!) and I’ve been trying some of the problem sheets. Here’s a selection of the very helpful answers my lecturer provided:


Please please insult me with a solution. I don’t care if it’s routine or trivial. I’m dumb- I need to see every step. Dammit why you no put solutions… in the solutions?!


Over and Out!


Comments on: "60. Fat lot of help these solutions are…." (4)

  1. Food 4 The Soul 93 said:

    Is this required? Too bad…wow, boring! You’ll get through it however…

    Take care,

    • Hey Skip,
      I actually chose this module so yes unfortunately I do have to take the exam. Clearly I had no idea what I was getting into 😛
      I’ll do my best and see how it goes!

      • Food 4 The Soul 93 said:

        You’ll do fine. A smart young lady with a young mind and strong ambitions like yourself can succeed at many things! Give it your best shot, my dear!

        Good luck,

  2. Btw dude, I’m seriously struggling with R. If you know of anyone in your department who is willing to help, please let me know (drop me an email via contact me section on my blog).

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