Welcome to the inside of my head.

Everyone’s been told at one point in their life to ‘listen to your heart’. Seriously over-rated. It ought to be changed to ‘consult your heart’. I think of the heart as this beating embodiment of optimism and the home of all hope, however irrational. On the other side, we have the brain…sensible, rational, cool, borderline pessimistic.

For example, deep down in my heart of hearts I am a soppy romantic idiot who is waiting for something magical to happen to her. On the flip side we have my brain which acknowledges that life is no fairytale and it also told me to put ‘idiot’ next to romantic in the last sentence.

Listening to too much of either will get you into trouble. Listen to your heart all the time and you will suffer a string of disappointments. Listen to your brain all the time and you’ll find your life becoming incredibly lack lustre and and boring. You need a happy compromise and for me, that compromise is my instinct…that feeling I get in my gut.

I think instinct is very special… though a complete mystery. It’s as if we’ve been given something that consults both our heart and our brain and screams a decision… the Judge Judy of our bodies. Obviously it’s not right all the time but I’ve trusted it for big decisions such as my degree choice and my secondary school choice, but also for things in everyday life like deciding when to have a difficult conversation or taking a gamble with my feelings.

Today my instincts surpassed even my wildest expectations. I made some impossible deductions and my gut was actually screaming ‘You’re right. You’re right. For God’s sake you’re right. Ask and get it confirmed’.

‘Lo and behold, I was right.

Over and Out!


Comments on: "85. Trust your instincts." (6)

  1. Very good insight and writing! Truly you have more “abilities” than you might imagine!

  2. Very nicely written 🙂
    I often find that the voice of the heart is louder and stronger than that of the brain, and it can be annoying. And despite instinct being that compromise point, don’t you find that it tends to rely more on the heart than on the rationality of the brain?

    • The heart can be a real pain in the…chest sometimes. It’s like a wailing child that is hard to ignore so yes you’re right, I think our instincts are more biased towards the heart. It makes life interesting I guess. The brain is such a wuss. 😛

  3. rebeccaalice14 said:

    Completely and utterly agree with this, my thoughts are the most annoying thing ever.

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