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I like to keep this blog light hearted and non political but I can’t not mention today’s events. When my dad told me there were men running around in South London with machetes, I thought he was having me on. Unfortunately he wasn’t. In case you don’t know, these men hacked away at a solider with meat cleavers and knives in broad daylight and dumped his body in the street. They were eventually shot by the police.

It is sad to say that we now live in a society where shootings and explosions are just part of the news but the barbaric nature of today’s events and the fact that it happened in England, in the capital, in the bloody afternoon has sparked national outrage. This was not just violence. This was insanity.

But there is more to this issue that bothers me… When I heard the news, I was thinking ‘please don’t let them be (so called) Muslims’ or this will get much much worse. Unfortunately they were and ‘lo and behold, their actions were labelled a ‘terrorist act’.

Why wasn’t it reported as murder?! Ohhh because they said they said ‘Allahu Akbar‘ before committing a heinous crime. Please tell me more about how they’re fighting for a religious cause.

You might ask: Who cares what it is labelled as?

Well when the media report a murder, people respond with sympathy for the victims and they seek punishment for the criminals. Nobody says let’s go get revenge personally and hurt someone else to even the score. But when the media reports a terrorist act, people feel threatened and some decide that attack is the best form of defense.

I heard someone say on the radio that they thought white men should go out tomorrow and hurt the first woman wearing a hijab. If he’s allowed to say that, then I’m allowed to call this guy a hypocritical arsehole. Oh you’re so upset about what those guys did… so you think lots of other people should go out and engage in the same mindless behaviour… yeah that makes so much sense.

I recognize that this is a very extreme example but my point is that these comments would never have been made if this crime was just called what it was: murder.

Nothing else.


Comments on: "86. Stop dragging religion into it." (7)

  1. creepingcommonsense said:

    I agree, but because the person murdered was a soldier, that does have some pretty serious political motivations…

    • I agree. By choosing a solider, I’m sure they were trying to make a point, maybe even a political point…just not a religious one (well not a valid one anyway). No religion condones this sort of violence.

      • creepingcommonsense said:

        But your point was that it should just be called murder, not terrorism. Terrorism doesn’t necessitate a religious motive.

      • I just googled ‘terrorism’ and it came out with ‘the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims’ so you are correct and what they did does come under this definition. I will edit this post to make that clear. Thank you for raising this.
        Unfortunately, these days terrorism has almost become synonymous with fundamental Muslims doing crazy things. This is where religion is getting dragged in. These people are a tiny proportion of the Muslim community and their actions give Islam a bad name. The point I wanted to make was that I wish that these acts of violence and Islam were kept as separate as possible to prevent unfair prejudice.

  2. I agree if they are going to say a so called Muslim man killed so and so they should also say a Christian man killed so and so. But that just doesn’t happen. Its so obvious it’s political.

    • Le sigh. Has there been any trouble in Manchester because of this?

      • Thankfully not as bad but Bolton and Rochdale which is kinda close and full of asians have definitely had problems. One girl was knocked unconscious and spat at by a EDL member. Having you headscaf ripped of you head is also popular apparently.This is what i have heard but nothing on the news about it. I suppose the press want to hush it all up.

        What about your area?

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