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91. A Perfect End

I think I felt something akin to euphoria the moment I heard the invigilators say ‘pens down’ for my last exam. I had been dreaming of that moment for almost two months and to finally hear it felt liberating but also surreal. I could not wipe the grin off my face; it also helped that I thought the exam went decent, though it’s very hard to judge this sort of stuff.

I genuinely felt like I lost a stone in mental anxiety. It might sound dramatic but having to go home every day and force yourself to revise and then get distracted and then feel guilty for procrastinating is a tiring process. It is miserable, lonely and quite frankly depressing- by far the worst part of the uni experience.

But it’s over! No more whining from me! (okay maybe a bit but I’ll keep it to a minimum)

So how did I spend my first bit of freedom? Well I chilled in Hyde Park with some of my favourite people in the world as per tradition. The sun made a welcome appearance too. I lay on the grass and basked in the fact that my mind was completely clear. Later we practiced handstands and decided to go rolling down hills like real 21 years do. Oh and we took fun photos!

Lovely peoples


Just Vadering in Hyde Park as you do…

Totes not Photoshopped

On the way to the station, guess who we saw? You’ll never believe it! The Queen! We saw the Queen! We were about to cross the road when this policeman comes out of nowhere with a whistle telling everyone to hold it and before we knew it, this fancy maroon car rolled past, flag flying and upon closer inspection we could see the Queen sitting inside wearing mint coloured clothes and a hat. The tourists started clapping and in that moment I felt pretty patriotic. I only saw her for a few seconds and I was in awe. It was perfect timing too. Had we been even a few seconds late, we would have missed it!

When I got home my mum gave me a huge squish and I could see the relief on her face too. Obviously five minutes later, she started listing all the things I promised I would do once my exams were over…shopping, cleaning, gardening, making roti, meeting all sorts of random people. But I’m not complaining; I’ve been saying ‘yes’ to everything.

Then I went clubbing and got absolutely smashed. Like I was sooo out of it. It was awesome.









lol just kidding. I fell asleep for 2 hours because I’m hardcore.

In the evening, we took the party to Northwood and I celebrated with my cousins and by celebrate I mean they told me all the gossip from their school and we watched videos on Youtube but it was just what I needed.

However I did want to do something silly to mark this momentous day and so I decided to watch two episodes of House at 1am even though I was tutoring the next morning. A silly decision to mark the end of a prolonged season of studying and seriousness. Perfect!

*fangirl squeal*

Over and Out!

Comments on: "91. A Perfect End" (16)

  1. Congartulations!

  2. Awww, favourite people in the world πŸ™‚

    Im so glad it’s over!!!!

  3. Well done! Not even doing my GCSEs, or any serious exams, but at my school End of Years are a big thing. :/ Can’t imagine doing university level. I’m sure I’ll laugh at my laziness in the future! (I also like maths by the way. Favourite subject! :))

    • Thanks! I think it’s really important to do something to celebrate the end of a long annoying revision period especially at uni where I swear they try and wear you down until you snap. We sure as hell deserve some fun after that!

      I’m really glad you like Maths. I’m one of those crazy people that wishes everyone liked it but most people are scared of all the letters and symbols!

  4. Congraaaaatss!! I LOVE the Vadering in Hyde Park photo, and the Park just looks so beautiful too, I can’t wait for London. I lol’d at the clubbing :p Also, late night/early morning is really a good time for online TV, good decision πŸ˜€

    • Thankiesss! I’m like projecting happiness, I’m so ecstatic. Vadering is so fun, especially if you have a good camera. We also took a few High School Musical-esque jump shots and all these tourists started copying us πŸ˜›

      It’s so lovely having Hyde Park on our door step and it really is gorgeous in the Summer. Deffo a place to visit when you return πŸ™‚ Let’s pray the weather holds until then!

      Online TV is my guilty pleasure. What shows do you watch?

      • Haha Hyde Park is on my Summer list πŸ™‚ Any UK weather has gotta be better than today’s disgusting so-polluted-it-looks-yellow sky (which was apparently because of some Mongolian sandstorm, but is nevertheless extremely grey now anyway).. Yeuch.
        TV – more rubbish than I’m willing to let on haha, but I’ll say this: TVD, and Revolution. Because of the necessity of doing anything but revision during exam period, I started watching BB (I’m not very far yet) and my friends are trying to get me into GoT. What about you?

      • Hah! I am also guilty of watching lots of rubbish. Up until recently, I was watching TVD (OMG season finale- are you team Stelena or Delena?). I also love House and Game of Thrones. I deffo recommend GoT but it’s not one to watch with the parents…
        I’ve heard lots of good things about Breaking Bad. Might start watching that to replace the gap that TVD has left πŸ™‚

      • I may be a few episodes behind on TVD, though I have mostly been for Delena! And GoT will happen in Summer! Not sure what kinda shows you like, but Revolution is alright for a gap fill too:) No harm in starting two new ones though! hehehe… you ARE on holiday :p

  5. Yay you’re done!! Are you coming to Big If London? I can’t wait!!

    • I just checked out what Big If London was- sounds really cool! – but I have this horrendous project/journal to do so I’m busy all weekend -_-
      I feel like I am missing out big time 😦
      Let me know how it was (if you don’t blog about it) πŸ™‚

  6. […] LOL, JK.Β (I hope Aliyaaaa fromΒ Three Magical doesn’t mind my use of her work. :3)Β But it was still pretty scary. I guess you want a run-by-run of how my exams went. If I was really stressed about them, I would hate having to relive it again, but to be honest, most of them went OK. o_O Does that make me sound like a bad person, by saying my exams were bearable, that I didn’t cry myself to sleep every night? […]

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