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93. Summer To-Do List

Things I need/want to do this Summer:

  • Buy clothes for my internship (so that I look good while I suceed! )
  • Visit all my friends who I haven’t seen in a while
  • Buy clothes for my cousin’s wedding
  • Be nice to my cousin who doesn’t like me when she comes to visit
  • Think seriously about fourth year modules and start collecting past papers/ problem sheet solutions
  • Bake lasagne for my parents again
  • Start writing down Mum’s recipes (step one of wife training)
  • Organise a holiday somewhere in Europe for September
  • Start reading A Game of Thrones
  • Spend a day baking
  • Go to Thorpe Park
  • Watch: Hangover 3, The King’s Speech, Season 7 and 8 of House, the last series of Doctor Who…and all the other stuff saved on our Sky Box
  • Sort out all the papers and folders scattered across my room
  • Back up my files and wipe my laptop(asaurus) because it’s so damn slow!
  • Do some reading for my fourth year project- maybe even form an outline of how I want to structure it
  • Finish furnishing my Neohome
  • Finish decorating the Disney Princesses wall in my room (I’m a grown up, honest)
  • Lose a few pounds or worse comes to worst, don’t put ON any more weight!

Hmmm I tried to be realistic. Let’s see how much of this stuff I actually do!

Over and Out!

Comments on: "93. Summer To-Do List" (6)

  1. Wife training?! Better get on that! All that furnishing you’re gonna be doing ain’t gonna hurt either :p I like how watching movies and TV gets a place on the list. (I’m noticing similarities with my list.) Something easy and fun to do AND you get to cross it off the list to make you feel like you’ve been productive. Which you have, technically, cos it was on the list, right? Good luck!

    • Teehee! Gotto have some easy stuff to do to motivate me to get through the harder things… it’s all psychological 😛

      Ahh furnishing, interior design, baking… it’s all good but ironing and making roti… *yawn*. I think wife training is gonna be harder than my degree. Ehhhhhhhhh

  2. Flora Pan said:

    I have a list of a similar sort! So far none of them is being accomplished except for the one that says read five books. Man I need to start hauling my ass to exercise and all of that..
    Good luck with your own goals! 🙂

    • I semi cheated and deliberately made some of mine really easy so hopefully I’ll be able to cross a few off 😛

      Oh gahd exercise. I wish there was something that didn’t involved moving that would help me lose weight…*dreams*

  3. […] I made a list of things I wanted to do over Summer and I thought it might be a good idea to check if I actually did any of them. I know it’s […]

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