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95. Mission Accomplished

The last few days have been super stressful but I’m really pleased to announce that I’m finally done with third year! HELLO SUMMER!

I handed in my projects (yup plural) yesterday and I also gave my oral presentation. Considering how little time I had to prepare for it, I think it went decently. I rehearsed as much as I could in the few hours beforehand, so much so that I think I strained my voice. The time limit was 15 mins so I wanted to be talking for at least 12 minutes but when rehearsing, I couldn’t get it over 10 mins 20 secs. Miraculously I made it last over 13 minutes for the real thing. I swear it doesn’t matter how much public speaking you’ve done, it doesn’t get much easier. I always feel like I’ve got my foot in my mouth and can’t get the words out.

I took a few pics because our projects looked soo beautiful when binded. I almost didn’t want to hand it in!


Such Beauty

Shakira didn’t even want to let them go!

Can you feel the loovee tonight?

Can you feel the loovee tonight?

I was just in a state of delirium that it was all finished.

I don't even...

I don’t even…

Over and Out!

Comments on: "95. Mission Accomplished" (8)

  1. Blogging AND projects–brave girl! 🙂

    • Hehe yup it’s been quite a challenge to balance 😛
      Every time I started losing focus, I decide not to procrastinate (completely) and blog instead. 🙂

  2. Congrats! I still have one more day of exams to go. :/ By the way, the face you pulled in the final photo isn’t unusual. It’s called… well there isn’t any other word for it. It’s just… tfygwyfye. That’s what it is.
    That’s an acronym by the way. Can you work it out? 😛

    • Ahh you’re close to the finish line- nearly there! Best of luck for your last exam 🙂

      Hmmm didn’t manage to figure out the acronym. I’m guessing the first two words are thank fudge? After that I’m lost…. what does it stand for? 😛

      • The Feeling You Get When You Finish Your Exams.
        It’s a no-brainer really. 😉 Where did Thank Fudge come from by the way? o_O
        Also, I just finished my exams! Yay, off to France tomorrow! 😛

      • Oh fail I really should have got that! *facepalm*

        Wooooo! Congrats for finishing your exams. I too will be visiting France soon. Hope you have an awesome time 😀

  3. My photo is very misleading… I was only trying to hold my projects the right way up!

    (But I do love my projects :))

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