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97. Thorpe Park!

It has almost become tradition for me to go to Thorpe Park after the university year is over! Someone complained that there were no new rides out this year… err are you telling me you’re used to going from 0-80 mph in under 2 seconds like you do on Stealth? I’ve been on it several times and I was still bricking it beforehand. Every time I get to the top and see just how high up I am, in what is essentially a clever little box, I question my sanity. Is this fear and precarious height worth the ‘thrill’? And every time the ride finishes, I think to myself ‘yes, yes it does’. I vote that every student should go on Stealth before taking an exam because my god it wakes you up like nothing else!

English: The roller coaster Stealth at Thorpe ...

English: The roller coaster Stealth at Thorpe Park. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This year I fell victim to the lure of Tidal Wave. It’s just too fun- I have to go on it. Now I fully expected to get wet on this ride but even I was shocked from the complete and thorough drenching that I suffered. I was soaked from socks to underwear. I spent the next two hours waddling around awkwardly smelling of chlorine because I was so wet. I do this every year and each time I swear not to next time but I’m an idiot and don’t listen to my own advice.

hair plastered to my face

hair plastered to my face

I even went in one of those heater things which was deliciously warm but it wasn’t enough to dry my jeans. All five of us squished into the heat cubicle and at one point we were all just crouching to dry our butts. Nice and classy as always!

The good thing about going to Thorpe Park on Thursday at this time of year is that the queues are short. We didn’t wait more than half an hour for any ride and we managed to go on all the big rides. Some rides lose their charm when you go on them several times, like Slammer for example but Rush (essentially a huge swing) is always so fun for me which is why it is my favourite ride (Saw is second and Stealth third).




Colossus mid-ride






Our last ride of the day was Vortex and no-one wanted to get off. Everyone started shouting ENCORE and they let us stay on for another go! (They probably do that for everyone- shut up and let me feel special)

So gangster. So thug!

So gangster! So thug!

Some other pictures…

The only ride in Thorpe Park that makes me feel sick!

The only ride in Thorpe Park that makes me feel sick…the banana ride!

Leaving the park...I was sad to go :(

Leaving the park…I was sad to go 😦

Over and Out!

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  1. Looks too scary for my liking… but one day. One day……… 😉

  2. STEALTHHHHHH is amazing! 😀

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