Welcome to the inside of my head.

Disclaimer: these aren’t my legs.

Hairy leggings…or contraceptive fashion as they’re calling it. Apparently they’re all the rage in China!

They’re being sold as “Super sexy, summertime anti-pervert full-leg-of-hair stockings, essential for all young girls going out”.  

Hold up just a second.

Super sexy; unless hairiness is your ‘thing’, I think we can safely agree this is more repellent than sexy.

Anti-pervert, essential for all young girls; just how bad are Chinese men that these sorts of measures need to be resorted to? If they are that bad, surely that’s the bigger issue here?

I’m not even sure if it will keep men at bay. The first time I saw it, I was very much wtf but more so than that, I was curious. Is it real hair? What does it feel like? Do they come in different hair colours? The guys will probably want to come and stroke them.

I just have so many questions about this.

Who came up with this?

Who actually thought ‘yes this is what women need’… I’m going to go get it manufactured and I’m going to get it made with really coarse dark hair.

Who actually bought it?!

I would be mortified walking around like that. These girls must have balls.
Also the people buying this must be fairly fashion conscious. Clearly they want to wear short dresses…how exactly do these leggings look good with that?

Is it really necessary?

Come on. If you don’t want male attention, just put on trousers like the rest of us do when our legs become socially unacceptable.
If it’s hot, why not wear a floaty skirt or a maxi dress? There are so many other options.
If you truly believe this is the best way, why not just go natural and stop shaving?

What’s next? A gorilla suit?…

Over and Out!

P.S Ibtehaal, have you seen anyone wearing these?

Comments on: "99. Anti-Pervert Hairy Leggings…what the…" (6)

  1. Nearly there… Oh, and good post too. 😉 What would ladders look like in that?

  2. What on earth….!!

  3. Ah yes, the hairy leggings. I didn’t see any of these personally, but came to know of their existence when a friend pretty much raised the same points you did. And my reaction is/was much the same as yours: Just, what the…?! All I have to say is that they’ll do well to match the underarms. It’s not at all unusual to see girls’ hairy underarms or legs (though not to the extent of the stockings), but yeah, as you said, trousers?! How on earth would these look good under shorts or mini-skirts?

    • Wow! Hairy armpits. That would be fashion suicide here. I just had a horrible image of being stuck under hairy armpits on the tube ewwww

      But yeah I’d choose trousers over extreme man legs any day….

      Are the guys that bad in China?

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