Welcome to the inside of my head.

Well actually I got a job offer. Same thing. I thought I would hear back from Towers Watson in early September so this came as a real shock. The first time they rang, I was in the shower. When I phoned back, they were busy. By the time they replied, I had lots of family around so I had to literally scream EVERYONE SHUT UP… please.

But yeah I got my first job offer on the back of my first internship which I got from my first assessment centre. That’s quite a statistic. I feel very lucky but at the same time I worry I have like no interview experience which might pose a problem in the future. But this isn’t the time to fret about that.

I should add I haven’t accepted yet. Thought I’d keep them waiting for once 😛 Nahhh I wanted to discuss it with my parents first and really process it so now I have until the end of the week to respond.

The pay is decent but not as high as I aspired. However there are quite a few perks with the job, the most important being that they’ll pay for my study package (I gotto take exams to become an actuary…) and I’ll get approximately one day a week off to revise. They’d also get me into their pension scheme, give me a free phone, private medical insurance..useful stuff.

So yeah. A job offer waiting for me after I graduate…a nice position to be in. I can do my best during my final year of uni and not worry about what’s coming next.

All the interns at my office. I hope they all come back!

All the interns at my office. I hope they all come back!

I was gonna talk about the fact that my project group won the prize for ‘Most Innovative Team’ for the videos we made and how awesome we were as a group (see post 111. Go Beyond!) but this news kinda trumps that. Oh well.

team fast forward

Team Fast Forward!

There you have it. The end of my internship but the start of my career at Towers Watson.

Over and Out!

[Note: The title and gif come from the song ‘Turn my swag on’ by Soulja Boy. Lol. ]

Comments on: "114. I’m getting moneyyyy" (13)

  1. Wow, good for you! I think all salaries have gone down a bit lately, but hopefully it’ll go up quickly as you work your way up. Well done!

    • Thank you! I’m grateful to even have my foot on the job ladder and there is good progression in the career path I’ve chosen so *fingers crossed*

  2. If I say I’m so happy for you, that sounds weird. 😕 But congrats! And that is a pretty cool statistic! 😛

    • P.S. I had to look up actuary, but according to Wikipedia it’s a very desirable job, so clearly my head was stuck in a hole somewhere.

      • I don’t think it’s weird coming from you 🙂 I know what it’s like reading someone’s blog a lot and feeling happy when they’re happy and sad when they’re sad etc.

        I’m also touched that you decided to look up actuary. Many people don’t know about it. Initially a lot of people think it has something to with acting 😛

        Let’s hope it’s worth the hype 😛

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!! You deserve it! 🙂

  4. Well done! I feel happy for you (in a non-creepy stalker way)! It must feel good to know where you’re going after you graduate.

    By the way, how do you link older posts into current posts?

    • Thank you- it’s definitely a big weight off my mind!

      As for linking older posts: highlight the text you want to turn into a link and click the button next to ‘right align’ in the formatting box. Alternatively you can hit Alt+Shift+A. From there you can enter the URL or choose an existing post in your blog.

      Hope that helps 🙂

  5. Well done! I’m not even going to apologise for congratulating you even though you’ve never met me and we live on opposite sides of the world haha 😛 Seriously though, congrats!

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