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118. No sleep.

I’m a complete wuss when it comes to scary stuff. Gore and creepy things I can handle because I can convince myself it’s all special effects and not real. But something psychological or based on real life scares the shit out of me.

The Ring, Saw… I can laugh it off. The plane scene in Final Destination or the plane scene in Cast Away is a completely different story.

I’m really not big on planes.

Yesterday I made the mistake of watching a documentary movie about United 93, the only plane that didn’t hit its target on 9/11 because the passengers overpowered the hijackers. I knew I shouldn’t have watched it but I once it started, I was pretty much glued in horror. Knowing how it ends is horrible because the whole time I was sitting there praying for an alternative outcome. The fact that it’s based on true events made me want to throw up. I can’t begin to imagine what it would have felt like to be on that flight…

…But my brain tried. In my dreams. I woke up around 4am feeling as if the air had gone out of my lungs. It took me hours to go to sleep. I tried reciting song lyrics, counting in 7’s, playing back the Philosopher’s Stone in my head. In the end I prayed myself to sleep.

I’ll be damned if I set foot on a plane anytime soon. Β 

Comments on: "118. No sleep." (10)

  1. Planes are your friends!

  2. It’s precisely this time when being friends with a big purple dinosaur comes in handy!

  3. I hope the horror will wear off soon. 😦 Damn those plane horror documentaries!

    I recommend watching the Disney movie Planes. I haven’t seen it myself, and it’s probably trash, but it looks fluffy enough to soothe your phobia. πŸ˜‰

    • I haven’t seen Planes but I think Disney movies in general are an awesome way to cheer yourself up. Sometimes a bit of fluff and some cheesy songs are exactly what you need. Hakuna Matata!

  4. I hate planes. I hate the idea of a darn tin box hanging in mid air.
    I’d rather walk :-p

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