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123. The Annual Student Pledge

Like every other student I promise myself year on year that I will do better, that I will work harder and be more organised. Every year I end up short of my expectations. Nonetheless today I make my annual student pledge to improve on last year (and trust me there’s a lot to improve on).

To really drill it home I’ve decided to publish my pledge here on my blog, immortalised on the internet so that I can look back in shame when if I fail.

I Aliya, hereby promise the following:

  • To read over lecture notes throughout the term rather than in a blind panic before exams
  • To tackle problem sheets with the same perseverance I usually reserve for coursework
  • To really think about problem sheet questions rather than jumping for the solutions
  • To make good revision notes and not get bored of the module after the second chapter
  • To not assume something won’t turn up in the exam… because it usually does (just to spite me!)

I really want to do well and leave university on a good note. Hopefully the fact that this is my final year might be the kick up the arse I need. 

Over and Out!

Comments on: "123. The Annual Student Pledge" (7)

  1. I feel I should make some sort of life bucket list when I have the time. 🙂 One of the reason’s I haven’t done it yet is because I’m afraid I’ll forget something. 😕

    Good luck in fulfilling your list; it looks pretty good to me!

    • I think you should! Even if you forget something, you can always make a ‘part 2’. There’s something quite therapeutic about having it down in writing. 🙂

      Do it. Do it! 😛

  2. Mine is always to finish essays weeks before they’re due… and they somehow always end up being madly finished the day of. Ah, the student pledge.

    • Ah yes, I too used to make this pledge when I was in secondary school and still wrote essays. But it was weird, whenever I did finish an essay early, I always got worse marks than if I had done it towards the end. Maybe pressure makes my brain work well? Who knows.

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