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130. #Blogger Problems

I can’t be the only one.

  1. Spend three hours writing a post. 3 likes. Spend 20 minutes writing a post. 20 likes.
  2. Getting annoyed because the WordPress reader preview ends just before the part where your post gets interesting.
  3. Spend ages writing a post but decide not to publish that day. Re-read the next day and decide it’s crap.
  4. Write what you think is an amazing post only to read one by someone else on the same topic that is miles better than your own.
  5. Write an absolutely fabulous post. 2 likes. Read one on the same topic by someone else that’s not as entertaining as yours. 50 likes.
  6. Spend half an hour writing a post. Spend the next hour on formatting and deciding which images should accompany it.
  7. Write an awesome post but can’t for the life of you come up with a good enough title for it.
  8. Your post was viewed 20 times. No-one liked it.
  9. Asking a question to your readers in your post. No-one replies.
  10. You want to rant about someone but then realise you can’t because they read your blog.
  11. Always getting lots of ideas for posts when you have no time to write and then getting writer’s block when you do finally have time.
  12. Trying to avoid this: ‘Heyy how was the party/internship/cool experience?’ ‘Read my blog’.

Over and Out!


Comments on: "130. #Blogger Problems" (23)

  1. #1, 2, and 11 are the worst. Annoyingly, what I consider to be one of my worst posts has the most views out of all of my posts…

    Also, nowadays a lot of my time is taken up by WordPress. As in, it’s gotten to the point where I wonder what I did with my time before WordPress. This is not a good sign.

    • Funny how that happens. My post popular post by a mile is the MSN memories one which is basically a list. What’s yours?

      Lol WordPress is certainly addictive like that. Recently I’ve calmed down because of uni but I could read blogs all day if I wanted to!

      • It’s actually my post about memes. In hindsight, it wasn’t that bad, but the formatting is all weird and it’s not nearly as good as some of my other posts.

        Most people get to that post after typing in memes into Google, which is why it has the most views. My second most popular post’s views also come from Google images when people type in computer. It kind of irks me that Google suggests some of my more mediocre posts to people but not the posts I’m most proud of. But that’s life. 😛

        Sorry for the essay comment! 😉

      • Don’t apologise. Essay comments are my favourite type of comments 🙂

        I remember your memes post. I thought it was pretty good though I agree not your best. However in my books, any views are good views!

        That’s quite cool that a world as common as computer leads to your blog!

  2. Feel your pain fellow blogger!

  3. Problems #1, 2, 11 and 12. I definitely feel awkward doing the whole “Ooo your experience/opinions is similar to mine “” read my post on it” or something alone those lines.

  4. When you’re really proud of a post but everyone ignores it and instead swarm to something that you don’t think is as good! Pretty much number 1 in terms of views and comments. Ah wordpress.

    • Sometimes I judge it so wrong. Something that I think people will really like often gets hardly any attention and then others that I think are meh get loads.What’s your most viewed post?

  5. Haha this was good!

    Number 10 made me laugh 😛 And Number 12 is what we always say to you to you!

    • Damn number 10! I don’t think I could ever link this blog to Facebook. It wouldn’t be safe to write about anything lol.

      And number 12. Sometimes it is much more worthwhile reading the blog because it contains pictures and commentary and detail rather than just saying ‘yeah it was good’!

      • At least an internship/party/cool experience is only related to one post. Or a few, even. Try “How was China?”
        Wait, what? You want me to summarise one year of my life in the 30 seconds I’m going to be chatting to you?
        Surely ‘read my blog’ is a much better answer. Having said that, I have never actually directed anyone to my blog. I’m much too embarrassed about mine haha.

      • Oh god that must be impossible to answer. I always wonder though when people ask how something was whether they ACTUALLY want to know or if they’re being polite. Either way if you are short on time, then you can’t really say much other than ‘it was good’.

        You should direct people to your blog. I certainly enjoyed reading it *subliminal messaging: start blogging again*. What’s embarrassing about it?

      • Yeah, mostly it’s asked because I haven’t seen someone in a long time (someone I don’t know thaaat well, otherwise chances are I would have spoken to them over the course of the year), and the only thing they know about me is that I was in China hah. They don’t REALLY want to know, so I don’t/can’t really tell them. “It was an amazing experience”.

  6. 11!

    I spend so much time at work planning in my head exactly how the next blog will go … then I get home and I’m tired so I go to sleep 😐

    • Happens to me too! I have a file full of potential blog ideas but I have no free time to actually write anything.

      How is your Masters treating you?

  7. You are definitely not alone! Problems 1, 5, 6, 11!

  8. 13. Getting busy just after publishing “Day 1” of your travels that concluded your year abroad in China, that there is absolutely NO WAY you can ever publish “Day 2″….after a 6 month gap.

    (This refers to no one in particular… >_> )

  9. Oh, I forgot!
    14. WordPress Stats: Unknown search terms.

    I want to know what people searched for to lead them here! *shakes fist*

    • Lol I wonder who 13. is possibly maybe referring to…. 😛
      14. is also frustrating… though sometimes the search items are really weird/dodgy. I’m not sure what that says about my blog.

  10. Arh, I feel your pain! #bloggerproblems 😉 The one about asking questions to your followers annoys me the most…

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