Welcome to the inside of my head.

Just a short fun quiz that ‘tests’ which side of your brain is more dominant. Quite interesting!

Click here to take it.

So people who are left-brained tend to be more rational, logical and pay attention to detail, and those who are right-brained are more creative, curious and imaginative. Seeing as I study Maths, I thought I would be left dominant. But according to this test I use my brain equally!

What did you guys get?


Over and Out!


Comments on: "132. Which side of your brain is more dominant?" (13)

  1. I got 31% left brained and 69% right brained!

    Apparently this means I am more creative and curious….

  2. I use my brain equally too! Being an engineering student, I thought the same as you, that I would be left dominant. But balance is good, right? πŸ™‚

  3. James the Maths Man said:

    I got 31% left brained and 69% too.
    I’m definitely more curious that’s for sure but creativeness… who knew.

  4. I have a balanced mind too! πŸ˜›

  5. Apparently I use mine equally too: 44% strategic, 56% creative. Who knew, indeed? I think ‘language’ belongs on the wrong side, though. It should be on the right, along with chaos, and not with rules, rationality and logic. xD

    • Yeah I thought that it was interesting that language was on the ‘left’ too seeing as there is so much potential for creativity with words and how language is always changing and evolving. But hey another 50/50. High fiveeee!

  6. 75:25 between left:right
    Not sure what to make of that 😐

    • It means you’re more mathematical, methodical and logical than you thought πŸ˜›
      Either that or your Maths degree really rubbed off!

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