Welcome to the inside of my head.

Yeah this blog is on hiatus. Blame my degree. Blame my final year project. And while we’re at it, blame me.

I’m not entirely sure where my time is going. You ever look at the clock and then look back a short while later only to discover it’s been like 4 hours? This seems to be happening to me more and more. It’s really weird too because I’ve actually been cutting back on procrastinating. I’m not even keeping up with my tv shows. From this I conclude that everything I normally do is just taking longer?

Oh I dunno.

I’ll still be on WordPress, just not posting for a while. Le sigh.

Over and Out!


Comments on: "142. Might as well make it official." (9)

  1. I might take a blogging break too I hate feeling burdened that I’m not posting and I’d rather just make it official like you have. I have my mid semester assignments coming up and then I’ll start revising finals. I always think time speeds up when you need it most! Good luck with all your work I’m sure you’ll do smashing!

    • That’s exactly why I decided to post this… so people didn’t have any expectations! The annoying thing is I really want to post something now but it feels kinda dumb seeing as I’ve just said I’m on hiatus. Bloody typical.

      Best of luck with your semester assignments and revision. Cannot wait for the work aspect of this year to be over!

  2. 😦 Ah well. Come back as soon as you’re ready. 🙂

  3. Cutting back on procrastinating? Pahaha that’s a good one! :p
    Just kidding, I know what you mean – it’s just that there are more things taking up all of that time of yours, including procrastination time, TV shows time, and blogging time. Not that you’re doing anything unusually slower!
    It’s aaaalll gonna pay off though, good luck 🙂

    • Oh I really hope it pays off! How is your final year treating you?

      • I’m not yet final year! Still just penultimate, thankfully! But I’m dreading next year…as well as exam season which actually isn’t thaaat far away 😦

      • I have no idea why I keep thinking you’re in final year! I apologise! Exam season always feels like it’s on the horizon 😦 Let the almond eating begin.

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