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148. Run Forrest Run!

So with my final exam tomorrow morning, what am I doing? Writing this post of course. Huzzah for procrastination!

Actually I wanted to share this story.

My cousin had some PE test involving semi long distance running and like me she hates running. Unlike me however, she cared enough to practice and got her older brother to help her. I don’t know how he did it but he made her run laps and it turns out she’s pretty good when there’s someone barking at her. She lamented that for the actual run he wouldn’t be there… and he said well why not? I’ll come.

So her 24 year old brother strolled into her secondary school and just joined the line up of people running. Clearly her school has some security issues. He ran with her, shouting at her the entire time, AMINAH RUN! AMINAH HURRY UP! AMINAH WHY ARE YOU SO SLOW?

She came second.

And do you know who was happiest when she took home her trophy?

That’s right, her smug brother.


Comments on: "148. Run Forrest Run!" (7)

  1. Now I know other people are procrastinating I don’t feel so bad. 😉

    And I know the feeling. Me and my sister were in a run, but she finished well ahead of me, so she was waiting at the finish line. As soon as she saw me, she started shouting, “COME ON JOE! SPRINT!”

    And then this random stranger started shouting at me from his bench, “Come on James!” I’m pretty sure some other people started joining in too. XD

    • I can assure you the entire student population procrastinates!

      Haha that’s a really nice way to finish. I commend you for running anything. The only way you’ll get me to run is with threats or if it’s for a train.

  2. Hurry up and do your exam so I can spam your inbox.

  3. Hehehe older brothers – can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em 🙂
    You’re done! Freedommm! (More importantly, your blog hiatus is over)

    • Haha not *quite* freedom but almost there! Blog hiatus is definitely over. I didn’t realise how much I missed it until I started writing. Happy to see a post from you too!

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