Welcome to the inside of my head.

1. Oh- I didn’t even know you were at university.
What did you think I was doing for the last four years?

2. Mathematics- Isn’t that a boy-subject? What can you do with Maths?
1) Maths isn’t gender specific. 2) Plenty.

3. You got a First?! *surprised* I thought you didn’t specify because you only passed and were embarrassed.

4. Yes it’s all very well you can do this Maths-shaths but how are your rotis?

5. Acha good, uni finished. When you getting married?

6. You know this degree paper means nothing till you find a good boy and settle down. Life isn’t complete without shaadi.

7. Did you meet anyone at uni? *suggestive look* You can tell me, I’m your Aunty.

8. Oh you’ve finished your degree. My daughter got married this year and she’s pregnant. She has a family.
Good to know.

9. Oh you have a job. Will you leave when you have children?
I haven’t even started my job yet. Gimme a chance.

10. Look at the girls these days. They all want to do the job-shob but can they run a home? No.
Thanks for the vote of confidence.

I am sad to say there is no embellishment in this post. In fact most of them are quoted directly. Aren’t people sensitive?

Ahh the plight of a brown girl!


Over and Out!


Comments on: "153. Ten Things You Really Shouldn’t Say To Me After I’ve Just Completed My Degree" (17)

  1. Hahaha this was so funny!

    And I can relate to all of them – they’ve all been said to me at some point and it does make me very angry.

    I also don’t like it when people don’t understand the fact that it is a huge achievement and pick up on points such as making rotis. I usually respond to them quite bitterly (even though I don’t want to be rude !)

    • I mostly try to keep quiet in case I say something sarcastic and offend them. You know because offending me is fine and that, but heaven forbid we return the favour.

      What are we gonna do eh?!

  2. Being a guy not yet in uni (and not for a while) I can’t say I’ve experienced this, but being brown I kind of get it. πŸ˜‰

    And when I tell people my favourite subject is maths, the occasional person says, “Why?” or something along those lines, so I feel you there. *sympathetic face*

    • It’s a very good thing you haven’t experienced this- it is so tiresome.

      It always makes me happy when people say their favourite subject is Maths. It’s such a misunderstood subject which is a shame because I think it’s awesome!

  3. I feel you! Thankfully, I’ve still got a bit of time before the comments descend :p Don’t let anyone put you and your Imperial First down!

    • Haha no-one can take my degree away from me… but it does bug me you know?

      Enjoy your freedom. It normally starts when you hit 21. I suggest printing business cards saying ‘Sorry Aunty I’m not engaged yet’ so you can hand them out at appropriate times.

  4. Mansura said:

    Many moons ago, my aunts used to tell me further education is pointless for a girl. Final destination is kitchen. Like you, out of politeness and keeping parent’s respect I wouldn’t dare say anything. Ride it out. Just smile πŸ™‚

  5. jessmittens said:

    As a white (in fact, possibly too white, I should get some sun…) girl I get told, “pffft, you don’t need anybody! Work on you!” Which is quite alright with me but I do remember being told, “It’s good to see you not reading!” by family so I’m not sure what I’m meant to be doing other than book-learnin’ but it seems it’s a common theme to tell girls they’re spending too much time on educational things.

    I’m sure you’re already dazzling them but good luck with the coming job and well done on finishing the degree! It’s a massive accomplishment!

    • Well if you’re enjoying the same weather we’re getting in London at the moment, you’ll have no trouble with your tan!

      It’s weirdly reassuring to see that this is a wider thing. Though I agree that education shouldn’t take up your whole life, I don’t think anyone should be dissuaded from pursuing it if that’s what they want to do.

      Thank you! I’m really looking forward to starting my job and now I’m even more excited about graduation!

  6. The best one I’ve ever had so far is “remember, your degree won’t feed you” and the classic “Who studies English at university?”/”What job can you get with English?”. I really don’t understand their need to comment but I just usually just stay quiet, smile, and look away. Lol.

    • Comments of those sort are so frustrating. Anything that’s not medicine, engineering or law gets frowned upon -_- But hey we shall prove them wrong!

  7. Ah!I am glad you put it on table as it is.The world should know the misery the woman of East has to face despite modernity!

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