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156. SET Awards

I thought I was done with my project; in fact I took great joy in destroying anything mildly related to it after I got my results. But then quite out of the blue, my supervisor suggested I enter it in the SET (Science, Engineering and Technology) competition. The fact that she even thought it was worth entering is a huge compliment for me. However it’s a European wide competition and getting to the next round is a complete long-shot.

For my entry I had to write a 2000 word synopsis of my project and really sell it. I’m not sure I’ve ever given the details of what I did here on my blog, but to summarise I analysed multiple choice questions and compared differences in performance between the males and females. I liked that it was about education and psychology and not just Mathematics. However condensing 60 pages of work into 2000 words in a coherent way whilst including all the main points was a real challenge. I thought I’d be able to copy and paste huge chunks but I ended up re-writing a lot of it to make it flow better.

It took me HOURS. And it took even longer to convince myself to get my head down and actually do it. I’m getting too used to lazing around.

My supervisor also has to write a supporting reference explaining how fantastic I am and how dedicated I was to my project and what a fabulous ambassador I am for my subject. lol, just lol.

  Over and Out!

Comments on: "156. SET Awards" (8)

  1. Good luck! Perhaps you’ll even win. 😛

    • Thank you very much! They get hundreds of entries from all over Europe so the chances are slim but nothing wrong with wishing eh?!

  2. I have faith! You never know where things lead. Keep us updated! 🙂

  3. Good Luck!! 🙂

    I have seen you agonise over every tiny detail of your project – from the structure and content of it, right down to the positioning of each individual picture. And I am so glad that your supervisor has appreciated the quality of your work. I really hope you win 🙂

    Also, I have no idea how you had the courage to write another 2000 words about your project! Summer makes me feel so lazy. But well done on being able to give it justice!

    • Haha winning is a bit far-fetched! I’d quite like to get to the next round though. However that’s an interview and god knows what that will entail…

      Trust me those 2000 words were SO hard to write. It was tough trying motivate myself but I ended up doing most of it in one night by staying up till 3 am. It made me feel like a student again!

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