Welcome to the inside of my head.

1. I attended my closest cousin’s graduation in Manchester which was a fantastic experience. I got to be involved in the drama of the day and cheer embarrassingly loud when she got her three seconds of glory strutting across the stage. But it was the simple things I loved the most, like helping her to decide which shoes to wear and reminding her to smile big!

mele grad pic

Proud bunch of people right there!

The mandatory hat toss!

The mandatory hat toss!

2. My cousin’s obsession with Loom Bands. 

It's a masterpiece!

Isn’t it magnificent?

3. Chilling at home

How much desi can you fit into one picture?

I am armed with a MOP and I’m not afraid to use it!

Me and my mummy! Don't we look alike?!

Me and my mummy! Don’t we look alike?!

My dad 'training' me. Do you know how big and how heavy that wrench was?! Friggin' HUGE

My dad ‘training’ me. Do you know how big and how heavy that wrench was?! Friggin’ HUGE!

4. When I was four years old I met a girl called Dilpreet and she became my very first friend. Fast forward 19 years and here I am attending her wedding. She looked absolutely stunning and the whole thing was so well planned; I couldn’t be happier for the couple.


Check out that ring!

Me and Dilpreet at her Mehndi event

Me and Dilpreet at her Mehndi event

Haha inadvertently ended up matching the bride!

Haha inadvertently ended up matching the bride!

5. Last but not least- Eid! A time to celebrate the the end of Ramadan and the tough cycle of sleep deprivation, hunger and annoying heat! 

Me and my bro

Me and my bro

Chilling at the family barbecue

Chilling at the family barbecue

(Some) of my cousins being silly

(Some) of my cousins (and me) being silly

Over and Out!

Comments on: "157. The Last Few Weeks In Pictures" (13)

  1. I love how much I feature in your life ❤

  2. deepbluesandseafoamgreens said:

    Lovely pictures! 🙂 and that mendhi!!! 😀 so cool!

  3. Loom bands… XD And so many big events! You must be very busy. :3 Still, nice to know there’s still time to chill.

    • Loom bands… they’re everywhere! My cousins are obsessed. I’ve never seen them so dedicated.

      Summer always ends up being busy but I find plentyyy of time to be lazy and chillax 😛

  4. Aww this is really nice! I love all your outfits – especially the one with the mop 😉 Your face expression is quite funny.

    I have no idea how you have the strength to use that wrench!

    Sounds like you are having a nice summer 🙂 But the best part of your summer will obviously be with your uni friends on holiday next week 😛

    • I have no idea why some of the nuts and bolts were so tight. I mean I know we don’t want the wheels to fall off but seriously?! I needed to put my full (substantial) weight behind it to even make it budge!

      Ya man- obviously! So excited about Florence! I should probably announce that on my blog some time 😛

  5. Awwww Dilpreet looks exactly like she did when she was younger.

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