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165. Can’t sleep

So I don’t know what made me think watching ‘The Impossible’ at night by myself was a good idea. What the hell is wrong with me?!

It’s based on a true story of a family that got separated during the tsunami of 2004. I’ve pretty much guaranteed myself nightmares of tidal waves and drowning. Which is why I’m awake. At 2am. Blogging.

I cried when they got separated, nearly threw up at the sight of so many body bags and cried harder when they all found each other.

Like yo film producers, can you stop making everything so damn realistic and yo mother nature, can you calm yo shit?

Let’s add this to the list of aeroplanes, earthquakes, tornadoes and various other disasters I’m terrified of.

If I ever decide to watch a movie about any sort of disaster ever again, can someone please stop me? Please.

*hides under blanket*

Comments on: "165. Can’t sleep" (6)

  1. My future is being determined in roughly 5 hours and this post is your idea of “terrifying”. #pray4QueenZ2K15

  2. At first I was thought you had watched “The Impossibles” so I was thinking, “I don’t remember the part with the tsunami!” XD

    • Hahaha I would be a concerned if Pixar movies gave me nightmares- have you heard that another Impossibles movie is in pipeline? So exciting!

      • I know it’s gonna be so goooodddd. Especially if it’s up to the standards of Inside Out which I highly recommend.

        Then there’s the other Pixar film this year, which I hope will be good though I’m not super excited. And Finding Dory! And… Oh. Cars 3. ;-;

      • This year is going to be a GOOD year!

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