Welcome to the inside of my head.


So LongBeachGriffy is someone I follow on YouTube and his content is so consistently funny that I feel like I need to give him a shout out here.

He plays all the characters in his skits not limited to himself, a girl, a teacher, God, cops, you name it. And he usually ends his videos with yelling of something description and the same sad ‘day after day’ song. This will make more sense once you see some of his stuff!

I deffo think I am going to enjoy this post more than anyone else reading this…but yeah this guy is not for people who get easily offended or are ‘politically correct’.



i JUST wanNA gO to THe GYm. Get some gainz.


(Sister Keisha)


Put your goddamn hand down.


This some seriously dark humour


Day after day…

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