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51. Party Sharty

James had his 21st birthday party at a really nice posh place near Victoria. Turned out to be an awesome night! Looking over my last few posts, it looks as if I go to parties/weddings all the time. I don’t usually- honest! This is a random burst of activity before the social hibernation that is exam revision time.

James was pretty clear about the dress code. We were to come in dresses which gave me the opportunity to get my bargain prom dress out of my wardrobe. I haven’t worn it in about 4 years but I had a really special prom and thus many happy memories associated with that dress. The only problem was that I had to take the train there. Where lies the problem you may wonder… well my coat is quite short and my dress is quite long and coat on top of dress looks pretty darn ridiculous. Add public transport and unwanted attention and you get a problem. What I ended up doing was tucking my dress into some jeans (yay creased dress!), wearing flats and putting my heels in a separate bag. I was also wearing tights under my jeans which is one of the most uncomfortable feelings in the world and the tights were so tight, they felt like Spanx aka. a corset for my legs.  Highly unpleasant. It also rained on the way so my hair, which looked nice and tame when I left home, looked flat and lifeless by the time I arrived. Greattt!

Everyone was looking super dapper, particularly James who was looking extra boom in a suit and tie.


James and Shakira


Me, Meeti and Suzannah (unintentionally wearing all black)

My friend Meeti has a special diet which essentially cuts out eggs, meat, fish, onions and garlic. James alerted the caterers about this and gave them a week to come up with something for her. At the start of the evening, Meeti was told that the Head Chef was specially preparing her meals and that they would be brought to her. It felt like VIP treatment and I was really impressed. Unfortunately they seemed to think her diet was also gluten free which imposes further restrictions. The waiter walked in with an impressive silver tray and lid and theatrically lifted it to reveal this as her starter:



That’s right. Boiled veggies. We were rather bemused. For mains she got extremely salty aubergine and courgettes slices piled into a tower with spinach. It was probably not the most appetizing meal compared to the lamb and vegetable lasagna everyone else was tucking into. Things ended well though because James’ birthday cake was a beautiful, super tasty eggless cake that Meeti (and me) scoffed. Om nom nom!

I promised James I would dance (badly) at his birthday and I did. Me and Meeti kicked off our shoes and busted a few dance moves on the floor. About 20 of us performed the Macarena and everyone had great fun Gangnam styling. I think my rotating lightbulb dance went down quite well!



Basically…. I had a really good time! Woo!

Over and Out!


49. The Big Blue Finger & Uni Times

James won this awesome Big Blue Finger which we were messing about with all day! It’s not like I go into uni to work….

I kid. I do my fair share of work too but I always make time to play and have fun with my friends.

Oh and it was James’ birthday. Finally joined the 21 club. Happy Birthday blad!
We bought him his favourite ‘seriously chocolately’ cake from Waitrose which was munched down in about 5 minutes. Om nom nom!

Over and Out!

43. JK’s Party

After waiting for 2 and half hours, I finally made it to my friend’s party yesterday. It was quite a big do- a good 100 people were there. It was a 21st party but it felt like a wedding! Is it a Sri Lankan thing to hold big events? I’ve been to several Sri Lankan do’s now and it feels like they all hire the same decorators and cake makers. This is not a complaint by any means, merely an observation.


Check out the sari!


When I say she’s my friend, I actually mean she’s one of my oldest and closest friends. I met her on the school coach when I was 11 years old and we’ve been friends ever since. She went through all of secondary school with me which is probably the most influential time of your life in terms of building your personality. So in essence, she’s seen me become ‘me’ and I’ve seen her become ‘her’. Other friends have come and gone but she’s always been there. I don’t see her often but we chat nearly every week on the phone for ages and catch up on life.


I didn’t realise we’d be matching so much!

After all that soppiness, I have to add that she also drives me mad! She holds long-lasting grudges, is massively indecisive and always late. But hey, I still love her. Nobody’s perfect and I’m sure I piss her off sometimes too.


Probably sums up our friendship 😛

Over and Out!


24. Go Shawty It’s Ya Birthday

It”s the 26th of January. It’s my birthday. I’m 21. Awwww yeh. How do I feel? Exactly the same. I’ve hit my twenties. It’s all downhill form here lol but I still feel like I’m 17 which is the important thing.

This is what I’ll spend most of my day doing:

Just kidding! My home phone has been blowing up. Relatives I didn’t even know I had have been calling up to wish me a Happy Birthday and I am honestly so touched and also feeling a little guilty because I probably don’t remember theirs. Definitely need to add a few reminders to my calender. Meanwhile Facebook has been reminding everyone else!

I had a really lovely morning. When I made my way downstairs (after deciding not to look like a hobo for once), I was greeted with a chorus of Happy Birthday and I saw that my parents had decorated the living room. I felt like I had just walked into a Bollywood movie.  Balle Balle!


Yay Tinsel!

Also after playing Neopets for almost 10 years, I’ve only now noticed that it changes theme on your birthday. Yayy for poor observational skills!



I think it’s important to reflect on one’s birthday. So now that I’m 21, I will try and be stronger…

strong aliya



…and more mature…

…HAH! Like that’s gonna happen!

Over and Out!

22. Birthday meh

So it’s going to be my birthday on Saturday and I’m going to turn 21. This is a milestone and legally speaking, I think it means I can do anything I want. Awww yeh- time to go America and chug down some vodka shots.

I’m usually quite boppy and excited about birthday but this one… I don’t know. I had such big hopes and plans and because I can’t make everything happen, I almost feel like I don’t want any of it to happen. It’s a very stubborn attitude to take. Perhaps it’s the Winter Blues. This is not to say I am unhappy or antisocial- I’m just feeling apathetic about it.

I’m not doing absolutely nothing however. Next Wednesday, I am finally going to see Lion King the musical with my friends which I am massively looking forward to. I am going to sing annoyingly loud to all the songs. I will make sure to fit in some time to practice my opening to the Circle of Life. Naaaa sebeniyaaa babadeechibaba! (You know I think that would make an awesome alarm sound. ©)

Yeah this totally happened when I was born too.

As for what I’m going to do on the actual day, I’m not entirely sure. I might just chill with the parents and maybe we’ll go out for dinner. Such a rave I know. I need to calm my wild ways.