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39. Weekend Life Update

I usually have M3T on Fridays which means going into a highschool to teach but they have half term which means I had Friday off! Woop woop! I am so envious of people who have weekdays timetabled off.

However I didn’t have a lazy Friday. I made my bimonthly trip to Heathrow airport to collect a family member. (Aside: Did you know bimonthly can mean twice a month AND once every two months? I didn’t. In this context, I mean once every two months.) I go so often, particularly in the Summer holidays, that I might as well work there.
Basically…my family is brown and hates paying for parking so we have this little system going. I’ll go with my dad to the airport. He’ll drop me off. I’ll go wait in arrivals while he goes and gets comfortable in some elusive parking space far far away that hardly anyone knows about. Then I’ll call him up as soon as I see whoever we’re collecting and by the time the greetings, mandatory questions (how was your flight? any problems at immigration?) and bag shuffling is done, my dad will be waiting outside. And boom just saved £5-7!
The annoying thing was that said family member had so many bags, there actually wasn’t any space for me in the car. And by that I don’t mean there wasn’t a free seat, I mean that even the car boot and space under the seats was full. Hence I had to take the bloody bus back. The bus service going TO Heathrow is amazing but for some reason between 1 and 5pm on weekdays, there are only 2 buses an hour and I just missed one as it pulled out. Nice half an hour wait for me.

I genuinely think we should have these. (Photo credit: swiss-miss.com)

On Saturday, we drove to Chester which is a two and a half hour drive to pay our respect to my mum’s cousin’s husband’s father who passed away. A pretty distant relation but loss is loss. It was a sad affair but very dignified. We spent a few hours there and made the gruelling trip back home by which time it was getting late. Unfortunately my mum noticed an Ikea on the drive there (and she was determined to a buy a shower curtain that she’d seen online) and was insistent that we stop there on the way back. So there we were at 8 o’clock in Ikea. It was pitch black outside and freezing and there were STILL so many people there. The canteen was packed. I think people came especially to have their dinner there. My dad used to have a colleague who was obsessed with Ikea’s spagetti and meatballs. He would drive there twice a week in the morning to have it for breakfast. That is dedication!

When we got home, we all had Weetabix for dinner because we’re cool like that. You know I used to LOVE Weetabix when I was younger, so much so that when I was 7,  I wrote them a letter telling them how much I loved their cereal and drew a picture of me eating some. They wrote back and gave me vouchers to buy 10 more packets for free. Moral of the story: get your younger siblings to write fan mail and win free cereal vouchers.

One last comment. While I was in the car I wanted to drink my Rubicon mango juice but it was too warm. No fridge, no problem…


No fridge, no problem.

If you’re not sure what is going on in the picture, I trapped the juice in the car window and let the icy wind from friggin’ Siberia cool it down. Aww yeh problem solving skills.

Over and Out!


14. Roti

There is more to life than just academia and internships. There are life skills to be learnt such as… making roti.


I’ve been practicing it for a while now. I can’t say that I enjoy it (it’s boring and repetitive) but it’s something that has to be done. My dad will be gravely disappointed if I don’t make roti for my hubby so I’ll just have to make a roti-making music motivating playlist. Sigh.

Anyhow I thought I’d share my roti making progress. Forgive the baggy clothing and greasy hair that you could probably fry an egg on…