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84. And the award for best customer service goes to….

I did not realise getting my hair cut would be so much effort…

My Mum has been going on and on about the state of my hair. You look like a ‘jungli’ she said. Long hair doesn’t suit round faces she said.  Go get it cut Aliya. I finally caved and agreed to get it done today.

We have a hairdresser’s down the end of our road. It’s about a 5-10 minute walk away and it’s owned by an Indian lady. You already know this story is going to be hilarious. Now this shop isn’t just a hairdressers, it’s a beauty parlour too which means there’s always someone on the side getting their eyebrows threaded or their moustache waxed. I walked in (trying to ignore the women wincing on the side) and asked if I could get a haircut. Before you ask why I didn’t book an appointment, I will highlight that this place is owned by brown people. If I requested an appointment, they’d probably just look at me blankly. I was informed that their one hairdresser wasn’t there at the moment but that she could be there in half an hour. I said fine, and went home resolving to come back in half an hour. As I was about to leave, the lady asked me if I wanted my eyebrows done. I said ‘no thanks’.

I went home and watched the first half of a House episode before making my way back to the hairdressers. This time I was told to take a seat. I noticed a lady come in to get her eyebrows done and for some unknown reason, she had her teenage son (about 13/14 years old) with her who looked like he’d prefer to bury a hole and die in it than be at a beauty parlour full of women. Meanwhile I was stuck watching some God awful Indian drama to pass the time. After waiting for 15 minutes and the hairdresser still being a no-show,  I was informed that she thought I wouldn’t be coming back (how did she come to that conclusion) so she didn’t leave home and could I come back at 7pm?

I am quite a reasonable person most of the time but I was pretty peeved to hear that. Despite this, I agreed to come back at 7. As I was about to step out, the lady asked again if I wanted my eyebrows done. NO! What made you think I changed my mind in under an hour?! Leave my eyebrows ALONE.

Finally I went back at 7pm- this being my third visit to the shop… and the hairdresser was still not there. Thankfully she turned up in 10 minutes and then spent under 5 minutes actually cutting my hair. I think these guys need a customer service award.

So there you have it. My locks have been cut off. Even if it was a huge headache, at least my Mum is happy… and I got some exercise.

In order news, my head has been hurting me for a while and I assumed it was because I was tying my hair too tight. Turns out I actually have a bump. I have no recollection of ever hitting my head. This concerns me.



To be honest for under 5 minutes, I think it came out okay.