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87. The only way to make tea.

There’s only one way to make tea… boiling water, milk and then sugar… in that order. Get it right people.

Don’t make it like this?

This video is for you.

This never stops being funny.

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  1. Using blue pen instead of black
  2. Not removing your USB safely
  3. Putting cucumber in a fruit salad
  4. Eating After 8’s before 8
  5. Doing your maths homework in pen
  6. Talking in the silent section
  7. Not minding the gap before you get off the train
  8. Standing in front of the yellow line on the platform
  9. Eating crunchies in the silent section
  10. Dividing zero by zero
  11. Leaving out the constant of integration when integrating
  12. Ringing the bell for your bus stop and not getting off
  13. Eating only 4 pieces of fruit and veg a day
  14. Singing rolling in the deep in the shallow end
  15. Buying 11 items in the express queue
  16. Using degrees instead of radians
  17. Not using commas in a list
  18. Wearing red on St Patrick’s day
  19. Not smoking in the smoker’s section
  20. Drinking only 1.99 litres of water a day

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(Muchos gracias James, Shakira and Dania for the ideas)

Over and Out!

6. Skyfall

So you know where I said I was going to see ‘Life of Pi’…yeah that didn’t happen. Instead we ended up seeing Skyfall at the ridiculous time of half 9 in the evening. Somebody once told me only saddos go to the cinema in the morning. By that logic, yesterday I must have been gangsta.

It was really good! It was different in the style of other Bond movies in that it was more… personal. This was Bond who has someone to fight for rather than Bond the cool, calculating killer. There’s more of that humanity that has been coming across increasingly since Casino Royale. 007 is not invincible. Even he can’t simply brush off his clothes and get up after being shot. He can still talk his way out of everything though, think unbelievably quickly on his feet, fight with prowess and of course he’s sexy as hell. He sports some stubble for a while too and well… I have a weakness for stubble.

Javier Bardem does a wonderful job as a villian. He’s not just another crazy fool who wants to ‘take over ze world‘. He has an agenda and a motive so whilst he is a complete bastard, at least we know why. He also manipulates Bond wonderfully by making him squirm. Javier Bardem caressing Daniel Craig’s thighs was just a brilliant touch and probably one of my favourite scenes in the film.

It was also a breath of fresh air that Bond doesn’t get too caught up in women. Don’t get me wrong, he still gets some action but the film doesn’t revolve around it. (This was also welcome as I was watching with my parents and there is no fast forward button at a cinema.) There’s a rather nice shaving scene *eyebrow dance*. What is it with shaving that makes it so…intimate?

The producers have understood that this generation isn’t impressed by shooting pens anymore- in a sense we’ve ‘grown up’. The weapons and technology are not far-fetched. There’s no flashy car. In fact it all hinges on a radio! This equipment was given to 007 by Q who was rather pleasant on the eyes and personifies nerdy but hot.

Q with Bond

Last but not least, there was such a brilliant British undertone to it all. There was a sense of: we might not have the empire, but we can still own yo arse.  I loved the scenes at Temple tube station, the landscape shots of London, the bulldog sitting on M’s desk, the ‘welcome to Scotland’ followed by an almighty bang part and quite frankly the sheer resilience Bond fights with. Very fitting for 50 years of Bond and Adele on the soundtrack was a nifty little bonus.

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