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139. It’s Ma Birthday

Guysss I’m 22- according to Taylor Swift I should be feeling happy, free, confused and lonely in the best way.

I think I’ll just stick to happy.

I’ve celebrated by playing Candy Crush obsessively (it’s becoming a problem). I’m on level 89 after 4 days (yeah I know late on the bandwagon). I’m even dreaming of those stupid colourful blocks bursting. Anyone else suffering from Candy Crush syndrome? If you don’t play, I suggest you keep it that way.

No but seriously, my real celebration will be to have dinner with my parents. We’re just about to head off. I fully plan on stuffing my face with yummy goodness. Party part 2 will be on Wednesday- I’ve having my uni friends around and we’re going to party like a mofo- by which I mean we’re going to watch Pitch Perfect and play Monopoly. Same thing right?

In terms of presents, my mummy bought me a very beautiful photo frame with pearly shiny stuff on it (anything shiny is a winner tbh). I just need to find a picture to put in it now…

Over and Out!

93. Summer To-Do List

Things I need/want to do this Summer:

  • Buy clothes for my internship (so that I look good while I suceed! )
  • Visit all my friends who I haven’t seen in a while
  • Buy clothes for my cousin’s wedding
  • Be nice to my cousin who doesn’t like me when she comes to visit
  • Think seriously about fourth year modules and start collecting past papers/ problem sheet solutions
  • Bake lasagne for my parents again
  • Start writing down Mum’s recipes (step one of wife training)
  • Organise a holiday somewhere in Europe for September
  • Start reading A Game of Thrones
  • Spend a day baking
  • Go to Thorpe Park
  • Watch: Hangover 3, The King’s Speech, Season 7 and 8 of House, the last series of Doctor Who…and all the other stuff saved on our Sky Box
  • Sort out all the papers and folders scattered across my room
  • Back up my files and wipe my laptop(asaurus) because it’s so damn slow!
  • Do some reading for my fourth year project- maybe even form an outline of how I want to structure it
  • Finish furnishing my Neohome
  • Finish decorating the Disney Princesses wall in my room (I’m a grown up, honest)
  • Lose a few pounds or worse comes to worst, don’t put ON any more weight!

Hmmm I tried to be realistic. Let’s see how much of this stuff I actually do!

Over and Out!


Wooooo! James got a call confirming he’s got an internship. Yay for smacking interviews first time. Killed it my friend! Very proud!

So we decided to celebrate!

We were intrigued by Drake’s…interesting dancing (can you call it that?) in his ‘Started from the Bottom’ music video and me and James attempted to copy it. Hilarity ensued.



As far as songs go, it’s pretty poor but my god is it catchy. As soon as it comes on, I find myself walking with a gangsta limp. All I need now are some chains and an obnoxiously large cap.

Peace Out Y’all!

24. Go Shawty It’s Ya Birthday

It”s the 26th of January. It’s my birthday. I’m 21. Awwww yeh. How do I feel? Exactly the same. I’ve hit my twenties. It’s all downhill form here lol but I still feel like I’m 17 which is the important thing.

This is what I’ll spend most of my day doing:

Just kidding! My home phone has been blowing up. Relatives I didn’t even know I had have been calling up to wish me a Happy Birthday and I am honestly so touched and also feeling a little guilty because I probably don’t remember theirs. Definitely need to add a few reminders to my calender. Meanwhile Facebook has been reminding everyone else!

I had a really lovely morning. When I made my way downstairs (after deciding not to look like a hobo for once), I was greeted with a chorus of Happy Birthday and I saw that my parents had decorated the living room. I felt like I had just walked into a Bollywood movie.  Balle Balle!


Yay Tinsel!

Also after playing Neopets for almost 10 years, I’ve only now noticed that it changes theme on your birthday. Yayy for poor observational skills!



I think it’s important to reflect on one’s birthday. So now that I’m 21, I will try and be stronger…

strong aliya



…and more mature…

…HAH! Like that’s gonna happen!

Over and Out!


I really don’t know what has gotten into me. I really feel like celebrating.

Maybe it’s because I got an internship. Maybe it’s because my birthday is around the corner. Maybe I’m getting in touch with my desi side after all the roti rolling. Or maybe I’m just avoiding revising for my Managerial Economics exam on Wednesday. I’m thinking it’s the latter.

Ahhh man. I’ve been watching so many videos by ‘Superwoman’ on Youtube. She is totes amazing. If I actually knew her, I’d want to be her best friend. She used a Punjabi song in one of her videos and I’ve been listening to it ALL day. It makes you want to get up and shake it all about (see above gif)… which I did rather ungracefully. I swear if anyone walked in during my… artistic expression (I can hardly call it dance), they’d probably think I was having a fit. But hey, free workout. Balle balle! BRUHHH

I really can’t be asked with this exam on Wednesday. I have never been so chilled about a paper in my life. I don’t enjoy the subject. I have no economic ‘common’ sense but I’m stuck with it now. I’m just hoping it doesn’t bring my average down. Maybe I’ll be more appreciative when I have one less exam in the Summer to stress about.

Also Vampire Diaries is returning next Thursday! I’ve missed it so. It has ‘inspired’ me to start a string of posts which I will call Perv Posts- self explanatory really. Watch this space!

12. Wow. Just wow.

If you’ve been keeping track of this blog, you’ll know that I’ve been complaining about how to prepare for my assessment centre, what to wear, how to present myself there and after it was done I felt like it was a good experience but it didn’t go spectacularly well.

Clearly I don’t judge situations well because I GOT THE INTERNSHIP!

I am so RELIEVED. I am so HAPPY. And I am so EXCITED.

I genuinely didn’t think I was going to get it.  I’m not saying that to be modest. I really didn’t feel like I was particularly stronger than the other candidates. Somebody was definitely smiling down upon me on the day. Or according to my cousin, the fact that I waxed my moustache swung it. Or maybe it was because I wore my silky parrot green blouse. Chances are it’s because I’m so sexy. In all seriousness, I wish I knew what it was I did ‘right’ so I can carry on doing it or at least pretend to!

My mum has felt she has been lucky in life with things like interviews, driving tests and important exams and she has always attributed her success to her mother’s prayers. One generation on, I feel the same way. I’m sure it was my mum’s faith and prayers that helped me on the day. I hope I can do the same for my own kids.

I can’t get over the fact that somebody is going to pay me properly for doing something. Me! Silly, weird me. I feel like I’ve got my foot in the door, that I’m on the right track and I’m going to achieve something. I’m probably sounding delirious right now. The funny thing is my parents have already called dibs on what they want from my first pay cheque. My Ma wants a ‘mala’- essentially a gold necklace and my Pa says he wants new jumpers but chances are he’ll return them because he’s asian.

What is even funnier however was my parents responses when I shared this news with them. I initially told them I had been rejected and was giving them areas which I was told to improve on. It was soo hard not to smile! After I finished explaining, my mum just said ‘you got it didn’t you?’ and I couldn’t help but beam. No Oscars for that performance! They then proceeded to hug the life out of me and I think my mum actually squealed.

All in all, a wonderful wonderful day AND  I’ve completed one of my New Year’s resolutions too!

The only downside is that one of my closest friends also applied for the same thing and I’m not sure if she got it. Ideally I wanted us both to get it because life has always seemed to keep us two together. I have my fingers crossed for her but if she doesn’t get it, I pray that a better opportunity comes her way.