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Things I can’t stop saying

  3. BRO
  4. BAE
  5. Srsly?
  6. Your face 
  7. That’s what she said 

Make me stop. Where am I picking up such bad habits?!


68. MSN Memories- join me and cringe at all the silly things your teenage self used to do…

MSN Messenger was shut down a little while ago and though I hadn’t used it in a long time, I felt this huge pang in my stomach at the thought of it being gone. From the age of 13 to about 19, it was a huge part of my life (in both a good and bad way). I killed so much time on it but some of the conversations I had on it honestly changed my life.

As a tribute, I thought I’d share some of the ridiculous stuff that went down on MSN. I didn’t do all of these things (though I did do a lot of them and for that I hang my head in shame) but I know that they were all common practice. So sit back, get comfy and get ready to cringe at all the silly things your teenage self used to do.

  1. Offline messaging in stealth mode so you could talk exclusively to your favourite people
  2. Going to school and hanging out with your friends and then running home and chatting online to the same friends about what happened in school
  3. Print screening the convo to show your friend to ‘interpret’
  4. Copying and pasting a convo in real time to your best friend so they could tell you how to reply
  5. Getting into a fight with someone online and adding your friends to the convo as ‘back up’
  6. That one friend that kept sending nudges and winks
  7. That friend that came online but always had ‘don’t talk to me’ in their screen name
  8. That one random person who was always online even at 5am
  9. That annoying person who aaalwayssss typedddd liiikeeee thisss
  10. xoxo_princess_fairy_92_xoxo@hotmail.com  Enough said.
  11. Asking your friend if someone else was online to check if they had blocked you
  12. The awkward moment when you were added to a group conversation with someone you had blocked…who then knew you had blocked them…woops
  13. Hearing the same story from two different perspectives at the same time and just sitting there thinking ‘why don’t they just speak to each other?’
  14. Being so popular that you could count to 10 and be confident someone would say ‘hi’
  15. Typing ‘brb loo’ when actually you just need time to come up with a decent reply
  16. Telling someone ‘brb’ and never returning
  17. Telling someone that you had to go when in actual fact you had nothing to say. Close window and block for good measure.
  18. That feeling you got when your crush signed in
  19. Signing in and out so your crush noticed you
  20. Seeing your crush online and signing in but making sure to wait 10 minutes before you said anything so they didn’t think you were a psycho
  21. The fury when said crush disappears during the aforementioned 10 minutes
  22. Late night conversations with your crush- oi oi!
  23. Your crush’s status is busy- Argh should I start a convo or not?
  24. Extending the goodbyes because you didn’t want the conversation to end
  25. When asking for someone’s addy was the equivalent of 079-ing someone
  26. Playing 21 truths and ‘would you rather…’
  27. Boss protecting whenever your parents entered the room (good old shift-space)
  28. Mother walks into your room … ‘so what was the History homework?’
  29. Sending 20 full stops to clear the screen
  30. Knowing something serious is about to be said if you see someone typing for a long time
  31. so and so is typing- This continues for 5 minutes during which time you were expecting a major revelation and then they say ‘sorry hit the spacebar’
  32. Becoming a fearless bastard online and saying everything you never had the nerve to say in person
  33. Noticing that the same people who pretended not to know you at school were happy to spill their guts online
  34. Being annoyed because the person you were talking to took longer than 10 seconds to reply
  35. Texting someone to come on msn
  36. Having your screen name ιи тнιѕ fσит with lots of crap like ¸٠·΄°˚o¸٠·΄°˚ next to it
  37. Reserving your personal message for song lyrics
  38. Judging people on their MSN font and colour, and being super pissed if someone copied yours
  39. Matching your font colour with your display picture
  40. Starting your screen name with a symbol so that you were at the top of everyone’s contact list
  41. All your conversations looked like this: ‘i was like’ ‘and then she was like’ ‘to which i was like’ ‘and then she had the nerve to be like’
  42. ‘hi’ ‘how r u?’ ‘fine. u?’ ‘good’    End convo.
  43. ‘I’ll tell you later on msn.’
  44. ‘what are you doing?’ ‘talking to you.’
  45. ‘why do I always have to start the convo?’
  46. A is typing- –B starts typing- –A stops typing- –B stops typing-
  47. ‘you first’ ‘no you go first’
  48. Accidentally typing in the wrong conversation window
  49. Said something you wish you hadn’t –‘oops wrong convo’ saves the day!
  50. Lol, brb, g2g, l8rz, kk- the birth of chat speak
  51. Having entire conversations in emoticons
  52. Destroying your opponents at minesweeper flags
  53. Knowing what (8), (*), (Y), (N) meant
  54. Having an entire emoticon collection of dancing fruit 
  55. Knowing all the shortcuts to your amazing emoticon collection
  56. The notable increase in typing speed from using MSN
  57. Using the draw facility to draw pointless pictures or in my case explain integration in an emergency
  58. When sending one song took 10 minutes
  59. Synchronising MSN with Windows Media Player so everyone could see what you were listening to and bask in your amazing music taste

Have I missed anything?

Over and Out!

46. Are you guilty of these texting sins?

Texting. I didn’t fully appreciate this art form until I got unlimited texts. I figured that if you had something to text, you might as well call someone up and just tell them. I could not be more wrong! Texting is amazing for passing on jokes, keeping entertained in lectures, communicating things you’re afraid to say and for boring, menial things. If I rang people up asking them where they were for every time I texted them that question, they’d probably change their number.

But like with everything in life, you get all sorts of texters. I am guilty of falling in more than one of the categories below from time to time. I’m sure you guys do too.

Those who reply instantly
It’s like these people are just waiting for your text. I can’t even hit the send button in 2 seconds it took them to type a fully-formed response. Unless it’s a boring text, I need to spend a bit of time thinking of an answer and then reading over it to make sure I don’t sound like an idiot. When people reply instantly, it also puts pressure on you to reply quickly too which normally leads to  some long arse texting marathon.

Those who chat speak too much
These people ought to be charged for abuse against the English language. They butcher every other word claiming that it’s faster. How is ‘iz’ faster to text than ‘is’? It takes me longer to decipher their message than to actually respond.

Those who go crazy with emoticons 
This is a text, not Pictionary. Please express yourself in sentences so that I don’t have to guess what you mean. Some people take it to the other extreme too. They’ll send about 20 smiley faces. I got that you were happy after the first 3.  Similarly for sad faces.

(Photo Credit: http://www.e2save.com)

Those who use the number of x’s at the end of every text to express their feelings
I personally think using x’s is redundant. Used sparingly, it can be cute but if you end every text to every Tom, Dick and Harry with xoxo, it means nothing. I know people who count the number of x’s their boyfriend/girlfriend sent to decipher how they’re feeling. Oh shit she only sent 2 x’s. She must be pissed with me from yesterday. What is this? xoxo-ception?!

The lol-ers
Lol- pretty much the go-to response when someone doesn’t actually give a toss.
‘I’ll see you tomorrow’. ‘lol cool’.
What is amusing about that statement?
If I said I got hit by a car, would you lol then too?

Those who never reply because their phone is always off or they have no credit or battery
The lack of credit is becoming less of an issue with the emergence of Whatsapp but back in the day, it used to be really annoying. Why do you have a phone if you don’t have enough money on it to actually use it for its primary functions ie. to call and text? Similarly for having it switched off. Why have it at all? Might as well drop it into the ocean for all it’s worth.

Those who reply with essays
Some people have real trouble being concise. You might have asked a simple question and this person will reply in paragraphs weighing up pros and cons before coming to a conclusion. Alternatively they’ll just add a lot of redundant, pointless information which you’ll have to sift through before you actually find the answer to the question you asked.

Those who never let the conversation end
This person just has to have the last word even if it’s ‘haha’. Now if you have 2 people like this texting each other, you’re gonna be there a looong time. There’s also the classic trick of including at least one question in your reply which essentially forces the person you’re texting to text back or else they look rude for ignoring you. We’ve all done it. Don’t even deny it.

Those who give you one word answers
These people actually anger me. If I’m texting you, I probably care about your opinion and if you reply saying ‘k’, your opinion is about as useful as a watermelon’s. Talk about killing the conversation.

Those who just don’t reply
If I wanted to be ignored, I’d strike a conversation with a brick wall. To be honest that would less disappointing than talking to these people. At least I don’t have any expectations from a brick wall. The most common excuse for this behaviour is that they were ‘too busy’. Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t know I was too insignificant for you to find time in your important life to reply to a simple text. I noticed you had time to go on facebook and whatsapp though.