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57. Expressing your anger

My dad isn’t speaking to my mum right now (don’t worry- this isn’t a sob story). Every now and again, my mum makes a comment perhaps a little sharper than she intended and my dad will take it personally. Today for example, my dad came home from work feeling chatty for some reason but my mum wasn’t in the mood to talk because she had just finished working with some really noisy kids. Dad took it badly.

When my dad gets offended, he gets all huffy and speaks minimally to the person he’s angry with. He also wears a very grumpy expression. The longest I’ve seen it last is about 5 days. As long as you’re not the person he’s peeved at, it’s actually quite funny because usually my dad is super mature but when he’s like this, he acts like a stubborn child. Say he’s angry at my mum and she offers him water, he’ll say no. If I offer him water however, he’ll say yes. Petty, I know.

Then you have my mother. Sometimes really tiny things set her off and when my mum gets angry, she unleashes her inner scary (and screechy) demon. She will rant and rave and won’t censor a damn thing. If she’s really pissed, she’ll revert to Punjabi and start swearing. That’s when you know the shit just got real.

What I find interesting is that I am a real mix of my parents. I have never shouted at anyone in anger in my life (though sometimes I wish I did) but nor do I simmer in silence. I have a habit of  giving the silent treatment and once I’ve calmed down a bit, I write down my angry feelings and give it to them. I realise this makes me sound like a nutcase but that’s just how I roll. I have always had great difficult verbally speaking about serious things. In essence, I write the things I can’t say.

In my memory, the only time I’ve lost it was when I was 8 years old and slapped a boy. He repeatedly kept throwing mud at me and the teachers told me to ignore him but that didn’t work so I complained to my mum and she said to hit him- so I did. The thing is I burst into tears straight afterwards because I felt so bad. (I slapped him well and proper though; even several hours later you could see my hand print on his face. My bad.)

What are you guys like when you’re angry? And what’s the craziest thing you’ve done in the heat of the moment?

(I don’t usually do this whole ask people questions thing. I’m kind of trying it out. Please don’t leave me hanging.)

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21. Eyebrows

I thought I’d write about the massively under appreciated part of our face that is our eyebrows. Now they may just be bits of fur on our brow to you but they actually serve a purpose. One of the reasons I’ve seen floating about on the internet is to protect our eyes. The arch of the eyebrow diverts moisture and sweat to the sides of our face rather than our eyes, preventing irritation and generally improving sight. An even more important function of these strips of fur is to aid with non verbal communication. You would be surprised how much you can read from a person’s expression coupled with their eyebrows. See below:


Okay so you can still tell how the people in the picture are feeling but you have to admit, they look bloody weird without eyebrows.

I went on a school trip to Austria and it wouldn’t be a school trip without something absurd happening. During that particular time, one boy thought it would be a spiffy idea to shave off his eyebrows. They took MONTHS to grow back properly. It was extremely disconcerting having a conversation with him because you simply couldn’t take him seriously. But hey YOLO.

I don’t know if I’m just getting more conscious about it or whether there’s been a crazy boom in eyebrow shaping, tinting (yeah people dye their eyebrows… I don’t understand either….) and all sorts. There was a bizarre trend a while back where eyebrows were turning into Nike ticks or worse… lines. Girls were threading their eyebrows to the max so when ‘thicker’ eyebrows started becoming more popular (Lily Collins, Kate Middleton…), they were like ROAR. Unfortunately this got taken a little too far by the likes of TOWIE and the ‘Scouse brow’ where they looked painted on.

Seriously, who decided this was a good look?

At this rate, the monobrow (crime against eyebrows in my opinion) is soon going to be the next big thing. Heaven forbid!



Last but not least, how can I talk about eyebrows and not mention the wonderful eyebrow dancing antics from the Cadburys commercial! It has got to be one of the most memorable adverts ever!

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