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97. Thorpe Park!

It has almost become tradition for me to go to Thorpe Park after the university year is over! Someone complained that there were no new rides out this year… err are you telling me you’re used to going from 0-80 mph in under 2 seconds like you do on Stealth? I’ve been on it several times and I was still bricking it beforehand. Every time I get to the top and see just how high up I am, in what is essentially a clever little box, I question my sanity. Is this fear and precarious height worth the ‘thrill’? And every time the ride finishes, I think to myself ‘yes, yes it does’. I vote that every student should go on Stealth before taking an exam because my god it wakes you up like nothing else!

English: The roller coaster Stealth at Thorpe ...

English: The roller coaster Stealth at Thorpe Park. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This year I fell victim to the lure of Tidal Wave. It’s just too fun- I have to go on it. Now I fully expected to get wet on this ride but even I was shocked from the complete and thorough drenching that I suffered. I was soaked from socks to underwear. I spent the next two hours waddling around awkwardly smelling of chlorine because I was so wet. I do this every year and each time I swear not to next time but I’m an idiot and don’t listen to my own advice.

hair plastered to my face

hair plastered to my face

I even went in one of those heater things which was deliciously warm but it wasn’t enough to dry my jeans. All five of us squished into the heat cubicle and at one point we were all just crouching to dry our butts. Nice and classy as always!

The good thing about going to Thorpe Park on Thursday at this time of year is that the queues are short. We didn’t wait more than half an hour for any ride and we managed to go on all the big rides. Some rides lose their charm when you go on them several times, like Slammer for example but Rush (essentially a huge swing) is always so fun for me which is why it is my favourite ride (Saw is second and Stealth third).




Colossus mid-ride






Our last ride of the day was Vortex and no-one wanted to get off. Everyone started shouting ENCORE and they let us stay on for another go! (They probably do that for everyone- shut up and let me feel special)

So gangster. So thug!

So gangster! So thug!

Some other pictures…

The only ride in Thorpe Park that makes me feel sick!

The only ride in Thorpe Park that makes me feel sick…the banana ride!

Leaving the park...I was sad to go :(

Leaving the park…I was sad to go 😦

Over and Out!

83. I can’t do it for me but I’ll do it for you.

You ever find that you can do things for other people but that you can’t do them for yourself? Why does that happen?!

Let me give you some examples.

Being brave

I am scared of the dark. I know. I’m a wuss. There’s something about the thought of what’s lurking in the shadows that just creeps me out. However if I’m with anyone else, particularly younger cousins, I’m fearless and constantly reassuring them that there’s nothing to be scared of. Why can’t I do that when I’m alone?


I could be tackling something (like Maths problem for example) and get horribly stuck. If I’ve tried and failed a few times, I’ll eventually give up. However if someone else asks me for help on the same problem, I will persevere until I find the answer. This happened to me this morning with regards to a question about Statistical modelling. I’d never have bothered to take the time to actually think it through unless my friend asked for help. I think it’s because I hate letting other people down and that forces my brain to get into gear. Disappointing myself is fine though clearly -_-


I can forgive my friends for almost anything. Over the years, I think I’ve let some big stuff slide but I’m not that easy on myself. If I feel like I’ve screwed up, I’m the first one to berate myself and the last one to stop.


I am a lazy shite. I’d happily live on Rice Krispies and omelette because I seriously can’t be bothered to cook for myself. As soon as someone else needs to eat though, I’ll take the time to actually make something that contributes to their 5 a day and make some rotis. Shock. Horror. It’ll even taste nice.

Over and Out!


69. An evolution of my personality

There are many sides to my personality. This is hardly shocking news. We all do. Most of us adapt and the mirror the people around us so that we ‘fit in’. We pick the parts of our personalities that work best for the occasion and we showcase it.

The thing is by spending a lot of time around the same people, you pick up some of their habits (both good and bad) until facets of their personalities becomes yours. This particularly happens when you’re young and impressionable.

So how do you distinguish between what is inherently ‘you’ and what you’ve picked up from others? 

As a child, I was an academic, bossy, tomboy-ish kind of girl. I liked to play with cars, not dolls. Instead of running away from spiders and ants, I picked them up and let them walk up and down my arms (it’s ticklish).  I played in the mud. My knees were always scraped. Up till this point, the biggest influences in moulding my personality were my parents and they definitely didn’t raise me to be soft.


I look far too happy to be doing sums.

Then I joined secondary school. My closest friends were all girls and girly-girls at that. They were very concerned about their appearance. They wore fancy bras, shaved their legs and had perfectly manicured nails. They were thin and always calling themselves fat. And then there was me. I’d be the one telling them to hurry up in the loos when I thought we’d be late for a lesson. I had a big rucksack for my books so that it wouldn’t hurt my back. I was the chubby one with who always wore a ponytail to school. I thought they were silly but they were my friends and slowly they rubbed off on me. I found myself adapting. One of the biggest changes was in my weight (which I lost by prancing about in my room- who needs a gym?). I let my hair down (literally) and got it feathered and layered. I started wearing eye-pencil and wearing better clothes. While these all sound like good things- after all, we should take care of ourselves- I also picked up vanity, gossiping and a need to compare myself to other girls. I’m not saying they weren’t already there but they were certainly enhanced by my high school experience.

Then I entered Sixth Form (college to those who aren’t familiar with the UK System) and everything altered again. I changed my circle of friends because I decided I couldn’t hack it as a girly-girl and my new crowd was mixed, half boys, half girls and with this change, came new habits. This included swearing (which I was highly against up till then), an appreciation for all things crude, listening to dutty songs and a capacity for ‘that’s what she said’ jokes. They don’t sound like appealing things but I credit them for making me loosen up and broadening my sense of humour. People look at me and see a short asian girl who’s good at school and sort of assume I’m some innocent. I’m not. Make a crude comment, I’ll be the first to laugh. Say something rude, I’ll one up you. I enjoy ruining their misconceptions of me.

Then I came to university and I realised all the crudeness and badman-ness that had served me so well in Sixth Form really didn’t work here. Being at this world class institution (stop sniggering my fellow Imperial people) has encouraged me to clean up my act. I speak better. I am polite. I engage in pleasantries but the whole time I am aware that I’m censoring my speech. I adapted so well in Sixth Form, I now have an alarm that goes off every time someone says ‘that was hard’ or ‘that was long’ because it’s the prefect time to bust out ‘that’s what she said’. Heck this is post number 69 and even that made me snigger.

In the next stage of my life, post university, my wish is to stamp out some of my crudeness and become a sophisticated, classy, young woman all the time and not just when I’m supposed to be. Oh and learn how to be graceful. Whether or not this is possible I have yet to determine.

The original question I asked was essentially ‘how do you know who you are?’. After this life story of sorts, my conclusion is that you don’t, because who you are is highly dependent on who you’re with.

You would be better off asking ‘who can you be?’. 

Over and Out.

P.S This was not the post I had planned (sorry James) but once I got started, this is what came out.

43. JK’s Party

After waiting for 2 and half hours, I finally made it to my friend’s party yesterday. It was quite a big do- a good 100 people were there. It was a 21st party but it felt like a wedding! Is it a Sri Lankan thing to hold big events? I’ve been to several Sri Lankan do’s now and it feels like they all hire the same decorators and cake makers. This is not a complaint by any means, merely an observation.


Check out the sari!


When I say she’s my friend, I actually mean she’s one of my oldest and closest friends. I met her on the school coach when I was 11 years old and we’ve been friends ever since. She went through all of secondary school with me which is probably the most influential time of your life in terms of building your personality. So in essence, she’s seen me become ‘me’ and I’ve seen her become ‘her’. Other friends have come and gone but she’s always been there. I don’t see her often but we chat nearly every week on the phone for ages and catch up on life.


I didn’t realise we’d be matching so much!

After all that soppiness, I have to add that she also drives me mad! She holds long-lasting grudges, is massively indecisive and always late. But hey, I still love her. Nobody’s perfect and I’m sure I piss her off sometimes too.


Probably sums up our friendship 😛

Over and Out!


34. My Valentine’s Confession

I guess you could call him a family friend.

Him and his parents have been coming around my house since I was very young. My dad has always been very close to them but my mum finds his family too loud and ‘unpolished’. She says they give her a headache. What about me you might ask? Me and him, we just click. I can’t explain it. It’s like I don’t even have to speak and he knows exactly how I’m feeling. Whenever I need him, he’s there for me, saying the all words I need to hear.

It’s been so long now that I can’t believe I used to keep him secret. I wasn’t sure what my parents would think of ‘us’. Whenever he came to my room, we had to be really quiet especially when things heated up. Even though I don’t see him very much, we’re always talking online or on the phone. In fact since I met him, he’s always been in my life. I might have liked other guys but he’s always been there in the background. I’m always mentioning him and sometimes the boys I was with didn’t understand and didn’t like him but I could never let him go.

I remember the first time I danced with him. He made me feel so alive and free and just deliriously happy. Sometimes he shouts at me but it’s only when I mess up and I think I need it. I need him to motivate me. It helps me pace my life. So this is my thank you. I know that in years to come, he will still be there to support me and guide me and cheer me up. It’s just a shame that I have to share him with millions of people…. But I don’t know what I would do if I were to lose him…because the man that I’m in love with is music.






PLEASE TELL ME I GOT SOME OF YOU… even if it was just for a second!

4. Happy New Year

Quite possibly the most unoriginal title on Jan 1st but it had to be done! First things first, Happy New Year Y’all!

I watched the fireworks (on tv) last night and holy crap they were amazing! I am so gutted I didn’t go to see them. I don’t even have a valid excuse besides being a lazy flop.

Goodbye 2012. It’s been a year of extremes- of highs and lows. I have laughed till I’ve cried and cried till I’ve laughed. And Cupid bro, we have got to talk about your aim. Complete cock up. I am blessed however to be surrounded by such loving family and friends and I can only hope I am as good to them as they are to me.

There is so much I’m looking forward to and so much I hope to do this year. Here are my New Years Resolutions:

  1. I will not delete anything I post on WordPress even if it shames me.
  2. I will earn an internship.
  3. I will get a First in every Maths module I take this year.
  4. I will grow my nails again.
  5. I will be a good friend.
  6. I will meet someone who will make me believe I will not die alone with 10 cats.

    “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”
    – Albert Einstein

So here’s to 2013. To moving onwards and upwards. 

Over and Out.

P.S I am a saddo Mathemathician so this had to be done.