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101. Djokovic: What a djoker!

I am loving where men’s tennis is at right now. It is fiercely competitive what with Clay King Nadal, Federer the Gentlemen and Djokovic the Djoker (bad joke but still funny) all in the game right now. It’s rare for so much talent to be in the sport at the same time and these guys have raised the bar so high in a matter of a few years.

More so than just raising the profile of tennis, I find it refreshing that Djokovic has injected much needed humour into the sport. Tennis players are traditionally thought of as rather competitive serious folk on the court. Take Nadal for example- he looks like he’s grimacing the whole time (not to say that he isn’t light hearted off the court). Federer has so much grace and elegance but he’s no comic. Djokovic meanwhile has become rather well known for his impersonations and you know what?- he’s hilarious (and also rather handsome *cough* *cough* but that’s besides the point).

This video of him imitating Maria Sharapova (probably the most vocal female tennis player ever) alongside Dimitrov (who happens to be Sharapova’s boyfriend) properly cracked me up!

Apologies for the bad picture quality. I couldn’t find a better one 😦

As for Wimbledon 2013, I have no idea what’s been going on. It has been hella weird this year what with Nadal, Federer and Tsonga all going out in the early rounds and people complaining about the ‘slippy’ grass. Either way I hope Djokovic (and Murray) go far!

Oh and here’s a video of Djokovic dancing. He’s *almost* as good as I am.

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