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10. Assessment Centre

My dreaded assessment ordeal day is finally over. I am so relieved but more than anything I am just mentally and physically exhausted. 

Somebody give me a massage. And put a flower in my hair too.

I woke up at the ungodly hour of quarter to 6 to guarantee I got there on time. It was pretty much pitch black outside- seriously depressing! I was on my feet pretty much the whole day and when you’re in heels, that absolutely kills. My back is actually aching right now and if it was possible to have a 6 pac on your calves, I would bloody well have one. They are rock hard. It’s as if Medusa looked at them and turned them to stone.

I was really worried on the day that I wouldn’t be able to get words coherently out of my mouth. Thankfully I didn’t have any spluttering incidents or say something like wag1 y’all, wassup homie or yeh boi. Instead I word vomited. Taking this as a metaphor, I hurled ALL over them and I don’t even know what was in my sick. Yes… I bet you’re all loving that imagery.

A few people mentioned that there might be some awkwardness at the assessment centre with the other candidates. After all, how much do you have in common? Now I don’t know if I just got lucky, but I was with a great bunch. Most of them spoke quite openly and freely and it genuinely made the day so much better. There were conversations about A Game of Thrones (Daenerys is well fit said one guy), One Pound Fish song (I gave them a rendition of “Come on ladiess”) and Twilight (oh my god it is so shit but I’ve got to see it said another guy).

Afterwards we all headed to a pub nearby and sat down and chillaxed. One of the dudes was talking about his supreme ‘bullshitting’ ability and how he actually created an imaginary child (called Ryan) from an impoverished background who flourished after he tutored him. All of this was for the purpose of creating a relevant example for a competency question. Unbelievable! We’re all guilty of exaggerating our accomplishments but that’s just taking the biscuit!

Overall, I didn’t flop as hard as I anticipated and given that I’m an AC virgin, I think I did alright. I have zero expectation of actually getting the offer though. But hey, at least I looked good. Yeh boi!

5. Internships

This morning I wasn’t sure what I was going to ramble on about but thankfully it got decided for me.

I received an email from Towers Watson inviting me to an assessment centre where they will probably crush my soul. This is the last stage before an offer and I am honestly bricking it. I haven’t done anything as intense as this before. I used to consider myself lucky not having to do any interviews to get into university but now I feel as if I’ve lost out on some experience. On the agenda there is a competency based interview, group discussion, role play and possibly a presentation, written exercise or problem solving interview. This sounds more like an ordeal than an interview.

Anyhow, this is all going down next week so I don’t really have that long. I have a lot of brushing up to do. It’s also the first time I’ll be missing lectures (goody two shoes I know) but it’s better to miss the wishy washy intro lectures than one later on where something fundamental is taught.

The most important question however is… what am I going to wear? Do I go for sexy and sassy (lol) or calm and comfortable? Or simply put skirt v. trousers?

Wearing a skirt makes me feel professional and more confident- I don’t look too bad in it either (HELLO HOURGLASS).  It helps with the whole personality transplant and to uphold the facade of professionalism, courtesy, manners and intellect that in all reality I do not possess. On the downside, I’ll have to wear tights which means trying to find a pair that doesn’t have holes or ladders in it. It’ll also mean pulling my tights up every 10 minutes which doesn’t look classy no matter how you do it.  Furthermore, my legs will get cold.

Trousers. My reliable old friend. They’re super comfy and there’s no hassle of tights. I can look smart in it too and there’s a certain comfort in wearing clothes you’re familiar with. However it makes me feel like I’m back in 6th Form and still need a teacher to tell me what to do. Decisions, decisions…

On a completely unrelated note, I should be going to see Life of Pi today avec the parents. Even my mum who hates loud noises and cinema theatres is coming *shock horror*. It’s Wednesday so we’re doing the whole Orange Wednesdays thing. Yay for being cheap! And brown!

Oh my god. I totes want a pet tiger too.