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122. Makeover. Photoshoot. Why am I doing this?

Sometime during my internship, Shakira and I bumped into a random person outside the station selling a makeover day and I don’t know if it was the weather or I had a long day at work but we ended up buying it. We booked it for two months time and didn’t really think about it until a few days ago when we had to start preparing.

This morning when I woke up, my first thought was WHY AM I DOING THIS? I don’t know the first thing about hair and beauty. My beauty essentials are moisturising cream and eye pencil. I still haven’t figured out how to utilise liquid eyeliner. I rarely paint my nails because they’re usually half bitten. Basically I’m a disgrace to the beauty community.

However I thought: fuck it. It’ll be an experience, good or bad, at least it’ll be interesting.

As part of the day, they gave us a manicure (lol), an aromatherapy hand massage, styled our hair and gave us a full blown makeover. After that there was the photoshoot… which was the part that I was worried about. My mental commentary was something along the lines of:

How do I stand? What do I do with my hands? How do I smile? Should I pout? Can I even pout? *commence awkward fish faces in the mirror* argh Argh ARGH.

However I need not have worried. The photographer clearly knew what he was doing. He told us exactly where to sit, where to look, where to put our hands. All of this he did very quickly so I just felt like I was following instructions. Head here. Face up. Chin down. I can do this.

It turned out to be a really fun day. Definitely worth the experience.

So yeah. This is my face. 

26091301 SUMAIRA & ALIYA 012

Thanks Photoshop.

I hope this doesn’t turn into my Rishta (pre-wedding) photo. Because they will be hella disappointed when they see me in reality.

Over and Out!

78. Signs of Summer

You can rely on British weather to be unreliable- you know sunny and warm one moment and hailstones and clouds the next. Recently however, we’ve had a good spell and honestly nothing lifts your mood like blue skies and a bit of sunshine. Soon I shall be free to make the most of this weather. Soon!


Blossom against blue skies

45. Woke up in London yesterday, found myself in the city

I’ve wanted to do this for a while and with the help of James and Shakira, I managed to record my uni commute in photo form. Travelling to and fro uni takes about 3 hours which is 1/8 of my day ie. a long bloody time. I hate it and I love it but either way it’s become a huge part of my life and I wanted some way to remember it forever.

P.S. The title of this post are lyrics from One Republic’s song ‘Good Life’ which always makes me think of London!

38. Are you one of these types of Facebookers?

Scrolling through my Facebook News Feed today, I couldn’t help but realise how much I could categorise the posts. About 80% is the same recycled rubbish every day. Sometimes I wonder why I bother. I guess that potential 20% keeps me coming back. Oh and I need help remembering birthdays.

So without further ado, I give you my types of Facebookers (Note this is entirely based on my own news feed… )

The Gym Rat

This person is always going to the gym and to prove it, they post on Facebook before and after a workout. They then follow this up with things like ‘NO GAIN WITHOUT PAIN’, several pics of their ‘ripped’ bodies, their love of protein shakes and how much their muscles ache after their intense exercising.

English: Heeeeeeeeench.

Would you like some chest with those abs? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s Complicated

This person is always going through emotional turmoil. They met someone 2 days ago and now they’re in love. It’s always ‘different’ this time… except it’s not because very soon they’re out of love and posting hate lyrics in their statuses about one another. It’s always in statuses too…never in a private message. They just have to post something really cryptic like ‘I hate you bitch’ for the whole world to see. Talk about airing your dirty laundry.


This is why you should invest in waterproof mascara. (Photo credit: Zoë Campbell)

Vanity Queen

This person is a girl 99% of the time. She will dedicate entire albums to pictures of herself in the bathroom with 360 pictures of herself standing in one position, tilting her face 1 degree at a time. Or she might have slapped on all her makeup and call it her ‘natural’ look. Or she’ll post a picture of herself wearing a skimpy top and caption it with ‘it’s all about my new hair cuttt!’. Sure because everyone’s looking at your hair right?

(Photo Credit: Shutterstock)

The Serial Updater

This person updates their status about a dozen times a day.
I just woke up. I took a shit. I went to school. I just ate. I’m going to bed.

Rinse lather repeat.

The Party Animal

This person is always clubbing or partying, drinking themselves stupid and then posting lots and lots of pictures of their ‘messy’ night. They’ll normally post something like ‘Ayyy Pissheads!’, ‘just chundered everywhere lol’ or my personal favourite ‘I’m never drinking again’.


(Photo credit: gusset)

The Loved Up Couple

Oh god, these people normally have matching profile pictures and they tag each other in just about every post. They confess their love for one another wherever possible. I’m really pleased for these people- I’m happy they’re happy but surely it’s more romantic and intimate saying these things in person or I dunno, in private? Just a thought.

I'm in Love

(Photo credit: ladytimeless)

Changed my life Bro

This person is always posting motivational speeches and inspiring messages. I was so sad and unsure about my life but now that I’ve read your post, I’m reformed. Wallahi, you changed my life bro.  *facepalm*

(Photo credit: ragetrolling.com)

Footy Mad

This person’s mood is entirely governed by their football team’s performance. I don’t even need to watch the match. I’ve got a running (albeit biased) commentary on my news feed. If their team loses, one of the following comments is always made; the ref was rubbish, we should have been given a penalty, the penalty to the other team shouldn’t have been given, the manager needs firing.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Food Photographers

This person is constantly posting pictures of their food, normally of desserts. I swear it’s like they go out for the sole purpose of taking this picture to post on Facebook. I promise I’ll believe you ate that gorgeous chocolate waffle if you just write about it. Stop making me hungry dammit.

Desserts from JusQytly

(Photo credit: laRuth)

The Procrastinists 

They’re always online, complaining about all the stuff they’ve got to do. If they spent a little less time complaining and a little more time doing, they’d be done ages ago. But where would be the fun in that?

(Photo credit: whypain.org) 

The Activist

This person believes they can singlehandedly change the world through their socio-political commentary on facebook. I mean reading one news article qualifies you as a political expert right?
Have an opinion. I encourage it, but please read around the subject before opening your mouth. You might end up saying something stupid.

The Entrepreneur

This business person is always selling something such as tickets or phones or laptops. The funny thing is hardly anyone responds and if they do, it’s normally to say RIPP OFF. This is Facebook, not Gum Tree. What do you expect? You’re a teenager. Your friends are teenagers. They’ll need to ask Mummy and Daddy before they buy anything you’re selling.

(Photo credit: BBC)

I think that covers most people. No offense was intended. Disclaimer. Disclaimer. Over and Out!